11 Guys Who Nailed The Man-Bun

"Man-Bun" was the hot topic before good-looking guys reading on subways went viral. Here are 11 guys who rocked a clean hairstyle.  1.  Giaro Giarratana (Italian model) 

2. Harry Styles 

3. Avan Jogia (Actor, "Twisted" & "Victorious") 

4. Ben Dahlhaus (Swedish model)

5. Andrea Marcaccini (Italian model & actor) 

6. Charlie Hunnam (Actor, "Sons of Anarchy") 

7. Chris Hemsworth 

8. David Beckham 

9. Jason Momoa (Actor, "Games of Thrones") 

10. Heath Ledger 

11. Jared Leto 


Dudes styling man-buns, while reading on the subway might just break the Internet. Heads up, Kim Kardashian.