10 Ways to Find Magic in Real Life (Inspired by Disney)

Magic is something we tend to look at in amazement, something that is an element of fairytales and Disney movies, but is simply not obtainable in the real world. Yet, what if there were ways to make this magic real? Read below to find out ten ways to bring magic into your own life.


1. Wish Upon Stars (or Fairy Lights)

If you live in a big city like me, stars can be hard to see from all the light pollution. Yet, if you pick up some twinkly fairy lights and string them around your dorm, they look almost natural… right? Either way, it’s not technically “disproven” that wishing on stars doesn’t work. So I say go for it! Pick a star (or a fairy light), close your eyes, and make your wish. Miracles can happen, so who says a little magic won’t happen to you?


2. Be a Dreamer

All Disney princesses have at least one thing in common: they’re dreamers. They know what they want, and they’re going to do anything (even kiss a frog) to make it happen. As Tiana says, “fairy tales can come true/ You gotta make ‘em happen, it all depends on you.” Never give up on your dreams and aspirations; there’s a very good chance that if you work for them, they’re within your reach.


3. Embrace Love and Friendship

This is life’s “magic” in the purest sense. The ability to become close enough to someone that they become an integral part of your life is incredible -- an amazing aspect of the world we live in. Take a little time to enjoy this magic; have a movie night with your friends or go dancing with your significant other. The bond that can be created between two people is truly otherworldly, something from a fairytale that maybe isn’t so far-fetched after all.


4. Take Notice of Natural Beauty

A common feature of all fairytales or Disney movies is beautiful scenery. There are trees that grow taller than the eye can see, water so clear that it sparkles, a cloudless sky, and birds that sing the loveliest songs. If Rapunzel is so awed by the outside world and Ariel just wants to be a part of it, why shouldn’t we? Take a walk outside and stop to admire the sunset; you might just find the magic that nature gives the world.


5. Be Kind to Others

If you’ve ever had a door held open for you by a stranger or even received a smile from someone you don’t recognize, you know the little moment of joy those actions can bring. Giving someone a moment of happiness like this can bring that familiar joy back to you, too. A spark of happiness in a relatively mundane day can truly feel like magic, whether from receiving or giving an act of kindness. And if what goes around comes around, there’s ample reason to “have courage and be kind.”


6. Pet Some Animals

One of the nicest things in life is snuggling up with a pet. They can be so comforting after a long day, a surefire way to cheer you up. Snow White discovered the magic of being with animals, and while they may not be able to cook or clean for us, they’re amazing nonetheless.


7. Cozy Up with a Book

Just like Belle with her books, discovering far-off places while she was stuck in her provincial life, you too can submerge yourself in another world. If being able to travel to another land without leaving your home isn’t magic, I’m not sure what is. Not only can you visit faraway places, you can visit fantasy ones that are filled with their own magic! Sign me up!


8. Think Like a Child

One of the cutest things in life is watching a child discover new things. It seems like the world is so incredible from a kid’s point of view. They find awe in everything, even the simplest of things we take for granted, something I personally wish I could do. The closest we can come to this is to constantly ask how and why things work, and embrace our youth. Discovering new aspects of everyday things by asking these questions is taking something old and turning it into something new, without the flick of a wand.


9. Use Glitter

Love it or hate it, glitter is a key aspect to most fairytales. From the sparkly dress to the mist in the air, glitter is found in every crack and crevice touched by magic. In fact, I think glitter may even be real-world pixie dust.


10. Treat Yourself Like a Princess

Yes, buy yourself that latte and spend a night binging TV shows. Prop your feet up, put on a facemask, and just relax; you are a princess, might as well treat yourself like one. The most immersive way to find magic in life is to act like you are magical. And the simplest way to act magical? Be royalty.


There are 10 easy ways to bring magic into your own life! Now get out there, wave your wand, and let the magic unfold!