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10 Vegan Thanksgiving Sides You Need To Try

Thanksgiving is not known for being very vegan-friendly. Make this holiday easy on your fellow vegan and vegetarian family members or friends by creating one of these simple side dishes!

Mashed Potatoes

This recipe is perfect for the holidays or any other night. Mashed potatoes can be just as creamy without the milk and butter! Check out this easy recipe to make your own!

Pumpkin Pie

As a Thanksgiving classic, this list would not be complete without an old-fashioned pumpkin pie. Bake this one with little to no hassle at all!


This stuffing recipe is not only easy to make, but also tastes like the real thing! Have your non-vegetarian and vegetarian guests both enjoy this stuffing!

Marshmallow-Topped Sweet Potatoes

Make an authentic, but healthier, version of everyone’s favorite dish. This recipe calls for a secret trick when baking your sweet potatoes!

Brussels Sprouts

Brussel sprouts are a controversial side dish, but you can win your family over by making this delicious balsamic roasted brussels sprout recipe.


Cornbread needs to be fluffy and moist, which can be hard to achieve when substituting out eggs and dairy… but that’s no problem for this recipe!

Maple Roasted Carrots

This life-changing recipe will quickly become your go-to side dish. This mix of sweet and savory dish is heaven on a plate!

Green Bean Casserole

Not only is this recipe vegan, but it’s also healthy. Thanksgiving is known as a time to indulge, so why don’t you indulge on some food that’s good for your tastebuds and your body?

Chocolate Chip Cookies

No gathering is complete without some classic chocolate chip cookies. This recipe by Betty Crocker may be the best cookie recipe out there (non-vegan included).


Yes, you can make vegan gravy! This may be the closest you get to real gravy, but without the animal products!

Enjoy these easy and delicious vegan-friendly recipes with your family during the upcoming holidays!


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Taylor is a freshman at BU with a dual degree in International Relations and Journalism. She loves vegan food, writing poetry and art museums.
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