10 Underrated Taylor Swift Songs You Need to Listen To Right Now

Since we're all stuck home for a while now, listening to music is a great way to unwind and beat the feeling of loneliness. That's why I've turned to Taylor Swift—a legendary pop icon and one of my favorite artists. You probably know some of her best hits, but you might not know about these 10 underrated songs from her!

  1. 1. You Are In Love 

    This beautiful ballad is the fifteenth track off Taylor’s first fully pop album 1989. Taylor said that this song is loosely based on her producer Jack Antonoff’s relationship with Lena Dunham. She wrote this song about a feeling that she had never experienced and a love she wished she had. 

  2. 2. Clean

    "Clean" is the thirteenth song off her album 1989. This incredible song is about closure and moving on. Because of the lyrics, some have assumed it is about overcoming addiction; however, it is really about moving on from a relationship, whether that is a romantic relationship or a friendship.

  3. 3. Last Kiss 

    "Last Kiss" is a perfect sad breakup song. This ballad is from Taylor’s Speak Now album. This is a long Taylor song, as it is just over six minutes long. Allegedly, this is a song about her breakup with Joe Jonas.

  4. 4. Wonderland 

    Another of my 1989 favorites, “Wonderland” is a more upbeat song about a whirlwind romance. This track is the fourteenth track of the deluxe version of 1989. The references this song makes to Alice in Wonderland is just another example of Taylor’s lyrical genius.

  5. 5. Afterglow 

    This track is one of the few on Taylor’s album Lover that is not a love song. “Afterglow” is about fighting with your partner. In this song, Taylor shows that her relationship, as well as any relationship, is never perfect.

  6. 6. The Lucky One

    In this track off Red, Taylor details a star’s experience with fame. This song is allegedly inspired by Joni Mitchell. Taylor wrote this song to detail some of her own fears about stardom. While many cannot directly relate to the lyrics of this track, it is still a catchy and meaningful song. 

  7. 7. Haunted 

    "Haunted" is a deeply emotional track off Taylor’s album Speak Now. Taylor wrote this song about a former relationship that she cannot shake from her mind. The instrumental of this track make this one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs.  

  8. 8. So It Goes…

    One of the most underrated songs of the Reputation album, "So It Goes…" is about Taylor's relationship with Joe Alwyn. This track was written by OZGO, Shellback, Max Martin, and Taylor Swift. 

  9. 9. Sad Beautiful Tragic

    "Sad Beautiful Tragic" is a beautiful ballad off her Red album. Taylor wrote this song while on her Speak Now tour. This track is more of a reflection of a past relationship rather than a generic sad breakup song.

  10. 10. The Way I Loved You 

    This song is track 10 off Taylor’s album Fearless. This is one of the more upbeat songs on this list. "The Way I Loved You" is about a relationship that has lost its spark and passion as the honeymoon stage has ended.

Which of these songs do you think is the most underrated? Let me know once you listen!

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