10 Under $10—Trendy Reusable Bags to Shop With

Whether you love them because they scream “status” or because you’re sick of having to dig through that handbag with a million pockets in it, reusable bags are seriously in right now. As more of the U.S. is phasing out single-use plastic bags, you'll need and want these trendy canvas totes and grocery bags ASAP.

1. A Canvas Vogue Tote Bag ($6)

Credit: Vogue 

Magazine tote bags are all the rage and even have been described as the new symbols of status, but the iconic cult-favorite canvas of The New Yorker doesn’t quite belong in the streets of Boston. NYC, however, doesn’t have a monopoly on fashion. These collectible bags, in either “The Leopard Coat” or “Mid-Season Fashions” style, come as a free gift to a subscription of Vogue (six issues for $6 or twelve for $10). Subscribe here.

2. A Reusable Canvas Bag That Screams “Loyal Madewell Shopper!” ($5)

Credit: Madewell 

Madewell shoppers shop with love and make these totes “top-rated” $5 steals. The classic black “Bien Fait” bag contrast beautifully with the small white bags (free with jewelry purchases) with the same sentiment on them. If you opt for the smiley yin-and-yang, you’ll have a perfect reminder that a nice balance of shopping + frugality (use that Madewell student discount to your advantage!) = happiness. Get the “Bien Fait” style here and the Yin-Yang one here.

3. “Loyal Madewell Shopper!” Part 2, Support-the-Cause Edition ($4.99-$6.99)

Credit: Madewell 

Just like #2, you might consider some Madewell exclusives that also support good causes. The Madewell x Girls Inc. vintage canvas bag boasts “otherworldly appeal” and the fact that 50% of the retail price of the purchase goes to Girls Inc. to further its women empowerment efforts. The Madewell x. charity version does the same, with 50% going to charity, with a focus on increasing clean water supply. Get the minimalist Venus symbol here for $4.99 and the water droplet style here for $6.99.

4. Baby Baggu Shopper Tote ($10)

Credit: Baggu 

Baggu bags, which, at $12 a pop (but at the discounted price of $7.99 at T.J. Maxx), couldn’t make the list, are iconic grocery totes that scream style and individuality. Their “baby baggu” version, which folds into 4xpouches instead of the standard 5x5, run for two dollars less at $10. The colors are seemingly endless (18 different options!), ranging from plain “Lime” to a cute “Red Gingham.” Get it here.

5. Brandless Reusable Bags ($4)

Credit: Brandless 

Get two grocery bags for only four dollars, from Brandless, a college favorite. Both bags are made of 100% recyclable material. Get a pair including a minimalist light aqua bag with the slogan “Live more. Brand less” and a black bag featuring the words “Better everything for everyone” and outlines of top buys at Brandless. Buy them here.

6. T.J. Maxx Bag ($0.99)

Credit: Tjmaxx 

Like the Brandless bags, the T.J. Maxx bag is made of recyclable material. With dimensions of 19.75in W x 17.5in H making it one of the roomiest bags out there, these colorful bags dominate supermarket shopping carts. It features fun, whimsical designs, such as “Music Dog” and “Fly with me.” Get one (or a few) here.

7. An Etsy Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers Canvas Tote ($7.49-$8.74)

Credit: Etsy 

Nothing says artsy like (1) an Etsy purchase (we love supporting artists!) and (2) a design featuring Van Gogh’s iconic sunflowers. Get it here in black or white.

8. A Shade & Shore Mesh Tote Handbag ($7.99)

Credit: Target 

If mesh is your thing, grab this handbag from Target, available in a handful of colors. Outer pockets make it a perfect beach bag, its roomy interior is big enough to fit a laptop, and the mesh outer material ensures that any spills or messes are easily and quickly cleaned off. Get it here.

9. A Huaze Cotton Net Bag ($5.99)

Credit: Amazon 

No list is complete without an addition from Amazon. This cotton net bag is one of the hottest styles of the season. Though inspired by and designed as a grocery bag, its flexible material and fashionable look make it well-suited for many different functions. Get the classic white or opt for a bolder color here.

10. A Uniqlo Shopper Bag ($2)

Credit: Uniqlo 

Grab a spacious shopper tote from Uniqlo and flaunt your metropolitan lifestyle. We love Uniqlo for its minimalistic and comfortable basics, but we also can’t help but fall for its super cheap, bold, lettered reusable bag. Get it here.

Get one or get a few. Happy shopping!


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