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10 Times Halsey’s Tweets Made Us Say #Same

Up-and-coming indie pop princess, Halsey, is known for her poetic lyrics, colorful hair, and strong social media presence. Her twitter (@halsey) is full of album/tour news, social justice conversations, sassy one-liners and more. Here are 10 times we totally related to Halsey’s tweets.

When it’s too early to deal with drama:

When people are being problematic:

When you’ve cut your hair (even if you still prefer it shorter):

When you have to make the tough decisions:

When you’ve had a hard week (AKA midterms):

When you truly discover that necessity is the mother of invention:

When you walk into Victoria’s Secret:

When you think about starting a diet:

When your favorite app tries to “improve”:

When you realize it’s 2 am and you should stop working...or scrolling through the internet:

Sighhh, you're giving us all the feels Halsey! 

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