10 Things You Have to Do in Boston Before Leaving for the Summer

There’s no denying that this year flew by. We all love our city and we hate to leave, even if it’s just for a few months. So, before leaving for the summer or before graduating (gasp!), here are the ten things you have to do here at BU and around the city!

1. Lunch on Newbury

Nothing says a perfect Boston Saturday like a lunch outside with your friends at a cute café on Newbury Street!

2. Walk Along the Charles

On a beautiful spring day in Boston a walk along the Charles is nothing short of perfect. Of course maybe Starbucks and then a walk along the Charles is even better!

3. Nachos at Sunset Cantina

Need I say more?

4. Lounge on the BU beach

BU plus spring always means one thing – studying for finals and writing papers in the sunshine of the BU beach!

5. Lounge on the Comm lawn

When you’re bored of the BU Beach…

6. Study in the Stuvi Study Lounge

Don’t forget to Instagram that view!

7. Get Ice cream in Coolidge Corner

J.P. Licks = heaven

8. Go Shopping at the Prudential Center

If you’re sad about leaving, you might as well shop your sorrows away!

9. Have Dinner in North End

Big delicious Italian dinners and a chocolate cannoli can cure anything 

10. Get a new BU Sweatshirt

Before you graduate or before you head home for summer, bring a piece of BU home with you and treat yourself to some new BU ‘swag’ gear