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10 Things I Am Looking Forward to Next Semester in Boston

As my first semester of online learning will soon come to an end, I can’t help but fantasize about what my next semester in Boston will be like. The fall colors, exploring the city, and living on my own are just a few of the things I am excited about. BU's announcement that it would relax some COVID-19 restrictions in September gave me yet another reason to look forward to stepping on campus. Here are ten experiences I can't wait for!

Boston in the fall

If the real experience is anything like the pictures, I know my camera and I are going to be inseparable.

Living on my own

This is a big one! Living away from my home is going to be a whole new adventure, but I can’t wait to move into my apartment or dorm and decorate with my roommate.

Meeting new people

As it is a possibility that the COVID-19 restrictions will become more relaxed, making new friends next semester should not be too hard. I look forward to meeting new people from across the world!

Exploring the City of Boston

The city of Boston is one of the reasons BU was my top choice for colleges. I think that Boston is the perfect blend of a cosmopolitan and suburban feel. Not to mention the huge student population! I'm most looking forward to visiting museums and other attractions in the city.

My first Halloween

Growing up in India, I have never celebrated Halloween. I’m really looking forward to having my first Halloween in Boston, and I already have my outfits planned.

Seafood, seafood, and more seafood

Clam chowder and lobster rolls? Say less. These two delicacies were the highlight of my last trip to Boston, and I am sure this time will not be any different. It is my goal to visit every seafood restaurant in the Boston University area, and I plan on achieving it.

Attending classes in-person

Online classes have been going well, but they can become mundane. Having in-person classes next semester will be a fresh change, and it will allow me to have a traditional college experience.

Visiting Salem and going apple picking with friends

This one has been on the bucket list for a while! Visiting the town of Salem, especially during "spooky season," will be a great experience. I am also looking forward to going apple picking and carving pumpkins with friends around Halloween.

Joining clubs and participating in activities

Due to the difference in time zones, attending club events and meetings has been nearly impossible for me. Next semester, I will have the opportunity to actively participate and meet people who have similar interests as me.

Going to in-person Her Campus at BU events

I am also extremely excited about meeting my fellow HCBU girls! Our online events are so fun and interactive, so I know that in-person events will be absolutely wholesome.

There are other things I am looking forward to trying in Boston, but these would be a good place to start. I can’t wait to be on campus and tell you about all of these experiences, very soon!

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Saumya is a freshman studying Psychology at Boston University. Some of her hobbies are painting, drinking way too much bubble tea, and reading! Find her on Instagram @saumya.maitra
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