10 Subscription Boxes You Have to Check Out

I adore subscription boxes because they are always so full of goodies and so fun to unwrap! The price of subscription boxes is reasonable and usually cheaper than if you went out and bought everything that was in the box. I also love how there is such a variety in types of boxes you can buy. You can get food, books, beauty products, plants, and that does not even begin to cover it. Below is a list of boxes that are tried and tested and span across different categories.


1. FabFitFun

Credit: dailyburn.com

I am sure you have heard of this box before from someone on social media because people are always handing out promo codes (usually ten dollars off!) but I am here to tell you that this box is amazing! For $50 (or $40 if you use that promo code), you are going to receive products that are $200+ (CRAZY!!) in retail value. You are also able to customize what you get by taking a short quiz and by picking between options so that whatever you receive you know you’ll love. This box is completely worth the price and I strongly suggest you check it out because it will change your life.


2. Barkbox

Credit: totallygoldens.com

This box is for your dogs, which is basically for you because when they’re happy so are you. Barkbox is $29 for a monthly subscription, $149 for a six-month subscription, and $249 for a yearly subscription. Each box comes with two toys, two bags of treats (that are all-natural and can be made allergy-friendly), and a chew. You can also pick your theme for the box which ranges from New York City-themed to Dinosaur-themed.


3. Unplugged Book Box

Credit: cratejoy.com

Unplugged is a monthly subscription that is a mix of book-related and self-care products. The box is $35 a month. This is perfect for people who want to relax and unplug, and perfect for the holidays because who doesn’t want to curl up with a good book? Unplugged Book Box comes with one Young Adult/New Adult new release book and 4-6 other book/novelty/self-care products.


4. FeministBox

Credit: feministapparel.com

FeministBox is a great subscription box from Feminist Apparel, a site full of incredible clothes and accessories that showcase empowerment, girl power, and intersectionality. For $60, you will receive two shirts, a pair of socks, a book, and some other extra knick-knacks (like stickers, tote bags, other fun things). This is perfect for a gift or a little treat yo’ self moment and is well worth the price. Feminist Apparel also donates 10% of their proceeds to feminist nonprofits!


5. Care/of

Credit: www.thebeautyoflifeblog.com

Care/of is a personalized vitamin subscription that comes with all the vitamins you need for a month. I love care/of because it makes taking vitamins easy, as it tells you what you need and then puts in in individualized daily packs. First, you take a quiz where you answer questions about your problems, lifestyle, and areas where you want to work on or get better. Then, you receive a list of vitamins that will help you out— whether it be for heart health, energy, or stress relief. You only pay for what you put in your box and each vitamin is a different price ranging from $5 to $19.


6. The Bath Benefit

Credit: alittlesliceofem.com

This subscription box is perfect for anyone who wants a little ‘me-time.’ The Bath Benefit has two different boxes: the monthly and premiere. The monthly box is $32 and comes with 4-5 bath and body products. The premiere box is $42 and comes with 6-7 products. All of these products are made from natural ingredients and sourced from female artisans!


7. GeekGear

Credit: cratejoy.com

GeekGear is a subscription box meant for Harry Potter lovers. You get to pick your House so the things you receive will be tailored to that and you can expect to receive t-shirts, socks, wall art, and other collectibles. For $28 a month, you will receive 6-10 wizarding products! I love GeekGear because it comes with so much stuff and the things that I’ve received are so exclusive to GeekGear that I haven’t found them anywhere else.


8. Smartass and Sass

Credit: cratejoy.com

This subscription box is tailored to the snarky, the sarcastic, and the cynical. Smartass and Sass has three options: a shirt, the box, or shirt and box. The shirt is $15, the box is $35, and the combo is $50. Each box comes with 5-7 items which include mugs, notebooks, and other sassy apparel.



Credit: www.cratejoy.com

Treats is a monthly subscription box that has hand-picked snacks from different countries inside. I love snacks and this box is perfect because it allows me to experience new snacks that I probably would never have tried. Treats has two different types of boxes: the standard and the premium. The standard comes with 4-6 snacks and is $13. The premium comes with 8-10 snacks and is $25.


10. Birchbox

Credit: hellosubscription.com

Birchbox is a monthly box full of beauty products. For $10 a month, you will receive five new beauty products. Before you get your box, you fill out a quiz so the products will be ones that you will actually use. I like Birchbox because it is cheap and lets me try out new products that I can then go and buy on the Birchbox store.


Now I know that I just threw a lot at you and there are now a lot of boxes to try and money to spend but I think it is well-deserved. Sometimes, we all need a gift to show up to our door filled with goodies. Subscription boxes are also a good gift for someone if you are not quite sure what to get them or maybe don’t have a lot of time to go out and shop. Also, look out for coupon codes for these boxes because they’re always out there!


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