10 Reasons Why BU Housing Selection Is Like The Hunger Games

The breakdown of the BU Housing Selection as told by "The Hunger Games": 

1. Waiting to get your housing lottery number in the mail is like standing at the Reaping Ceremony.

2. You try not to cry to your family about what your "bad number" means.

3. Making housing negotiations with your friends is like the aura of the arena: Scary and unpredictable.

4. But then you realize it’s important to make alliances early on, especially if you’re "pulling in" or vice versa.

5. You put together the perfect housing plan, making sure you thwart your housing enemies and come out on top.

6. Sadly, the alliances you make early on in the process are quickly broken apart in a vicious fight and that perfect plan you made is ruined. You mourn your beautiful new room that could have been.

7. When you're anxiously awaiting your appointment in the Ziskind Lounge, it feels like you’re only seconds away from death.

8. At your housing appointment, you have less than 5 minutes to go in for the kill and claim your winning spot.

9. Soon you realize it’s probably better to live in a cave with your roommates (or cavemates?) than to reside on campus…

10. And…just because you finished the tortous game of Housing Selection for this year, it doesn't mean you’re safe the next year around.