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Some people argue that Grey’s Anatomy has gone on for too long—I would have to disagree. From the first season to this season, I have never wanted it to end and I still don’t. Read on to see my reaction to the finale of the 16th season!


Amelia had her baby!

Finally, the happy ending for Link and Amelia that we deserve.

I’m very worried about DeLuca’s mental health.

I think this one goes without saying. I’m hoping we really get to see what is going on with him in Season 17. This show has recently explored mental health, and I’m loving it.

I want to know more about Hayes!

It was great seeing the relationship between Hayes and his wife. I’m officially intrigued.

Uh oh, Teddy and Owen are on the rocks again.

What else is new? These two never seem to be able to get it together and Teddy’s cheating should be the last straw.

Will Maggie find love?

Things were getting hot and heavy at that medical conference, but will it continue? Will she find love this time?

Miranda adopts Joey!

This was just so heartwarming. After the heartbreak that was her miscarriage, this is what we needed.

I guess Levi and Nico are over?

I mean I think they’re over, but was anyone else confused? I am loving Levi’s friendship with Jo, though.


Is anyone else devastated that after 16 seasons, we had to say goodbye to this ionic character? I’m not crying, you are.

Jo deserved better.

To be honest, I never loved Izzie, so this ending between Alex and Jo was not satisfying at all.

I’m so happy Richard is better!

I mean, we’ve already lost one original cast member this season. I couldn’t deal with another.

Another season in the books and it was certainly a great one.


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