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10 Plot Holes In Friends

Friends is one of those shows that everyone knows whether they’ve watched it or not.  It’s a feel-good show that embodies what true friendship looks like. Although it’s fictional, the support, love, and humor each character has for one another is heartwarming.  This show has some iconic scenes, but it has a few plot holes that will change how people look at the show when they watch it back.

1. The one where no one has their weird habits.

In the first season, Chandler starts smoking again and as the gang rags on him for the awful addiction he points out his friend’s annoying habits.  Phoebe chews on her hair, Monica snorts, Joey cracks his knuckles, Ross enunciates his words, and Rachel can’t get their coffee orders right. Although Ross and Rachel maintain their annoying habits throughout the series, Monica, Phoebe, and Joey seem to ditch their habits as soon as the episode ends.  Even leading up to this episode we never saw them practicing their annoying habits.

2. The one where the apartment number changes.

Monica’s apartment number changes within the first few episodes of the series from five to 20.  They decided to change the room number because it didn’t match up with the floor number they were on.  At least this one has a real explanation.

3. The one where Ross has three birthdays.

Throughout the series, Ross celebrates multiple birthdays, but they all fall on different dates.  Ross says his birthday is in October, but when Joey and Chandler ask him to go to a hockey game as a birthday present, he says his birthday was 6 months ago and if I did the math right, that date doesn’t fall in October.  In the same episode, Ross tells Gunther that his birthday is in December. Get it together Ross.

4. The one with Phoebe’s dad.

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Throughout the series, Phoebe repeatedly says that her father ran out before she was even born. But, in the episode where Phoebe finally meets her father, she finds out that her famous song “Smelly Cat” stems from the melody of her father’s song “Sleepy Girl,” which he sang to her when she was younger.  How could he have sung to Phoebe if he ran out before she was even born?

5. The one with Joey’s Adam’s apple.

Joey said he didn’t like one of his dates because she had a huge Adam’s apple, but later on in the series, Joey doesn’t seem to know what an Adam’s apple is and called it his “Joey’s apple.” Could it be a pun? Knowing Joey, it’s just the fact that he’s a little clueless.

6. The one with Rachel and Chandler’s relationship.

Rachel first met Chandler on Thanksgiving when she was still in high school and routinely saw him on Thanksgiving for a few years after. She even visited him and Ross at college with Monica. However, in the first episode, Rachel is introduced to Chandler as if they’re strangers.

7. The one with the locked door.

Several times throughout the show, Monica’s apartment door is surprisingly locked, which is odd since everyone always just walks in without knocking.  During one of the many Thanksgiving episodes, Monica locks the gang out for showing up late to Thanksgiving dinner, but Rachel finds her old key from when she and Monica were roommates to unlock the door. However, Monica had the locks changed after Joey knocked down their door.

8. The one with the erasable permanent marker.

In the episode “The One in Vegas,” Ross draws on Rachel’s face with a permanent pen and the markings won’t come off.  In retaliation, Rachel draws on Ross’ face with the same pen. After a drunken night of getting married, Ross and Rachel wake up with miraculously clean faces, free of any marker. The whole episode revolves around the drawings on their faces and how hard it is to get off, but I guess being drunk gave them super cleaning powers.

9. The one with Ross not liking ice cream.

Ross says he doesn’t like ice cream because it’s too cold, but he’s seen eating it while he is dating Elizabeth and even shared a cone with his old pal Marcel the monkey.

10. The one with everyone dating someone young.

Just about everyone on the show dated somebody significantly younger (or older) than they were, but when Monica dated a high schooler (who she didn’t know was in high school), everyone made fun of her including Ross. Ross found it really weird she was dating someone so young, but then Ross started dating one of his college students who wasn’t even 21 yet. Sounds like a double standard to me.

Friends is one of the greatest shows to have been created.  The dynamics between the characters are refreshing, even when they are going through tough times. These plot holes are definitely noticeable in the show and sometimes frustrate viewers, but no matter how many plot holes the show has, it still remains at the top of my list.


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