The 10 Highlights of My Freshman Year

I took a long time coming to a college decision, but the minute I stepped onto BU’s campus for last year's Open House on April 7th, I knew I belonged there. I posted on Instagram twenty minutes later and paid my deposit that afternoon. Even though I was going to college 1,000 miles from home, with no one from my high school to guide me through the city, I was so excited. Looking back on the past year, it’s easy to think of the events I missed out on (MarMon, picnics on the BU beach, etc.), so I decided to compile some of the greatest moments from the time I got in Boston this past year.

  1. 1. Attending FYSOP

    I will never stop raving about attending the First Year Student Outreach Program (or FYSOP) the week before classes started. The week of community service and group bonding really helped me acclimate myself and fall in love with Boston, and it introduced me to some of my greatest friends.

  2. 2. Surviving the First Day of Classes

    I’ve always loved the first day of classes, from taking pictures on my front porch (or, in this case, taking self-timer selfies in my dorm room) to meeting professors and classmates that will be my compatriots for the next semester. The first days of classes the past two semesters were filled with nerves, excitement, and everything in between.

  3. 3. Joining Her Campus

    Joining Her Campus after shamelessly stalking the Instagram account all summer was definitely one of the biggest blessings of my freshman year—I made so many friends and connections, and I’ve loved having a platform to practice and post my writing this past year.

  4. 4. Learning the Dining Halls Weren’t Horrible

    As a certified picky eater, finally breaking down after the first two weeks of eating only Cheeseology and Starbucks and suddenly realizing that the dining hall had a ton of options for me was an extremely important moment. Going to the dining hall after class also brought me some of my favorite friends and the funniest conversations and debates.

  5. 5. Exploring Boston

    Thanks to FYSOP teaching me how to master taking the T, I’ve slowly been able to explore the different neighborhoods of the gorgeous city—from Jamaica Plain to Newbury Street and from downtown to the North End—both by myself and with friends.

  6. 6. Getting My First A On a Paper

    During my first semester, I took Media and Politics in Modern America, a 200 level history class that was also a 500 level journalism class (aka. there were grad students in class with little 18-year-old me). After weeks of stressing, I low-key cried when I got my graded paper back and realized I could, in fact, survive academically in college.

  7. 7. Taking Writing Classes

    Speaking of classes, my first semester, I took WR120: The Modern Fairy Tale, and this semester I took WR150: Touring America. The two classes were 100% my favorite classes both semesters, and getting to write papers on 12 Dancing Princesses, Tangled, and EPCOT in an academic setting really made my Disney-loving heart smile.

  8. 8. Christmastime

    Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, so getting to see Boston magically lit up with lights and covered with snow was my favorite time of this year (I didn’t even mind the cold!).

  9. 9. Joining a Sorority

    Although I joined only six days before we were sent home, I’ve been so lucky to stay connected with my new sisters virtually (we even had a big/little reveal on Zoom!), and I cannot wait to attend philanthropy and sisterhood events once we are back together again.

  10. 10. Mastering Online Classes

    Although my freshman year didn’t end how I wanted it to, it was still a relief to get used to taking my classes online from home (not to mention an hour behind) instead of in-person every day. I will be adding “Proficient in Zoom” to my resume for the rest of my life.

There are still a lot of things on my “BU Bucket List,” but I am nevertheless so grateful for the time I got in my first year in college. For now, I’m taking the summer to relax and reflect, and I am so so SO excited to be back in Boston, whenever that happens.

Signing off for now,



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