10 Great Ways To Decorate Your Room

Struggling with a bedroom that makes you feel blah? Here are the 10 easiest ways to decorate your room and make it your own little space!

  1. 1. Put up pictures!

    I like to use a free app called Free Prints that delivers a bunch of 5x7 photos to me for free. It makes me so happy to see my favorite pictures of my friends and family on my wall. Of course, you can do this other ways as well by printing it out yourself or getting them printed at any local pharmacy!

  2. 2. Take some Polaroids!

    Snap some pics and put up your new polaroids! Polaroids are the best because they’re instant. I have my own personal “polaroid wall” full of memories throughout the years. It’s adorable.

  3. 3. Hang some cute lights!

    Unlike other eboys and egirls, I don’t have cool multicolored LED lights, but I do have Christmas lights! You can get some at really cheap prices. And guaranteed, these inexpensive decoration lights will make your room 10 times cuter!

  4. 4. Put up your own art!

    I recently put up some paintings that my boyfriend and I painted together. It makes me feel so much more at home! It also makes me proud and excited to make even more art!

  5. 5. Hang up posters!

    Put up your favorite movie posters or records! This will give your room an ~artsy~ vibe and really show your true personality.

  6. 6. Get some house plants!

    Taking care of plants is actually much easier than you would think. Recently, I’ve adopted some succulents, which are extremely low-maintenance. They make my room so cute and, weirdly, I feel more connected to Mother Nature.

  7. 7. Try a new instrument!

    Instruments take up a lot of space in my room, so if you don’t play or have any instruments, buy one to learn and to decorate your room with!

  8. 8. Stock up your bookshelf!

    Catch up on some reading! Get some books and a bookshelf to highlight your favorite reads.

  9. 9. Get comfy!

    I’ve always wanted a big bean bag or couch to make my room a little comfier. This is the perfect excuse to get one!

  10. 10. Go shopping!

    If you need more stuff, go get it. It’s the perfect season to binge shop all day. Or maybe just add a bunch of stuff to your cart then close the window, like me.

Quarantine is making us all spend some more time in our room, so we might as well enjoy it! Make it your favorite place to be by decorating it the way you want.


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