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Looking for some cozy songs to listen to on cold winter nights? Whether you are already embracing the season or are begging for spring to come, these songs will get you in the winter mood. 

1. “The Fox in the Snow” by Belle and Sebastian

Credit: genius.com

This song is perfect for reflecting on life and whether it’s going well. The “fox in the snow” is swapped in the middle for a kid in the snow as if wondering if some of our childlike, innocent stages are left. But, by the end, “fox in the snow” is back and repeated over and over, suggesting a darker ending.

2. “Coffee” by Sylvan Esso

Credit: Wikipedia

The monotony of coming and going love is compared to a plain cup of coffee, which doesn’t keep us energized forever. It makes this a gentle song for long winter drives and background music.

3. “The Fireside” by Yo La Tengo

Credit: Amazon.com

This eleven-minute song is so grand, in the most desolate way, that it could only be about life and death. The beginning is slow and relaxing, with mysterious bass entering around 3:20 in. The vocals don’t start until about four minutes later, and the instruments slowly fade out in the end. Take a listen for yourself!

4. “Coldest Winter” by Kanye West

Credit: backtotheelements.blogspot.com

Kanye supposedly wrote this song about his mother dying, and the heartbreaking lyrics reflect this sadness (“if spring can take the snow away / can it melt all of our mistakes?”), as the winter is seen as a time of melancholy. The song ends with an empty drumbeat.

5. “Wintertime Love” by The Doors

Credit: Amazon.com

If you’re depressed after the last two songs, this one might cheer you up a little. A song about wintertime love, this upbeat song builds up in a crescendo with the instruments at the end, giving off pinpricks of a sound like snowflakes quickly falling.

6. “I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun” by Beach House

Credit: Genius.com

Time stands still with this song’s haunting vocals and sound effects. Beach House reminds us that life keeps going on, as the song slows down at the end with a few nostalgic piano notes.

7. “Flowers in December” by Mazzy Star

Credit: Wikipedia.com

This is by far the most beautiful song on the list. Gentle vocals wonder if she can really love, mirroring the almost oxymoron of the song’s title. Harmonica parts separate the verses of steady guitar, building up the longing at the end.

8. “Sparks” by Coldplay 

Credit: Wikipedia.com

This song is a cozy one. The combination of the gentle bassline and acoustic guitar making the listener want to climb under a fuzzy blanket near a fire. Its lyrics are romantic on the surface but suggest something darker: ”But I won’t let you down / Oh yeah, yeah, yes I will.”

9. “Winter Time” by Steve Miller Band

Credit: Wikipedia.com

The sparse beginning sounds almost like wind blowing and the instruments echo the “hear me calling” like a bird call. The instrumental part reaches its height near the end in a wave of longing.

9. “Horchata” by Vampire Weekend

Credit: Genius.com

Similar in a way to”Sparks”, this seemingly cheerful song suggests something deeper. It is possibly about time passing or things going downhill in a relationship. It is a rare song that is perfect for remembering memories with a group.

Hopefully, these songs helped you conquer, or at least accept, the snow and cold. Happy (almost) winter!


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