10 of the Best Posters from the Boston Women’s March 2019

Two years after the original Women’s March in 2017, thousands braved the cold once more to march for women’s rights. Many people from different backgrounds gathered in the Boston Commons on January 19th, 2019, and one highly-anticipated aspect of 2017's march that has continued this year is the creativity of the posters carried by many of the marchers. Below are 10 of the most creative and inspiring posters from this year’s Boston Women’s March.


1. Drake Meme

Memes are the way many young people communicate, so it wasn’t surprising to see people use this format to get their message across. Here is an example of one of the more well-known memes of shots from Drake’s Hotline Bling music video. Drake doesn’t like boys talking their locker room talk, but he does like men walking in the Boston Women’s March. This poster is very simple but gets its message across well: men should hold each other accountable and support gender equality.


2. The Women’s Wave is Here

This poster, which is a beautiful piece of art of powerful women, is also reflective of the new wave of politics in which Congress is shifting to include more women. A poster like this represents one of the key goals of the Women’s March movement: empowering women, especially young girls.


3. Woo!

Although very simplistic, this poster shows its support for women’s empowerment. During the portion of the day’s events where speakers were giving speeches, there was a lot of wooing from the crowd. Obviously the woos were in favor of supporting various groups of women, including women of color, transgender women, and native women. This poster echoed this sentiment really well.


4. Glorious Female Warrior

This poster was both aesthetically pleasing and had a great message. This poster really showed how powerful women can be. With all the inequality that exists in the world, there are many women who will use their voice to fight, no matter how hard it may be. This poster represents women as the powerful warriors that they are.


5. Future President

There were many children at the Women’s March this year. There were young boys with posters talking about how much they love their mom. There were young girls with posters saying “fight like a girl.” This poster is especially significant because it reflects what the feminist movement is fighting for: young girls being able to achieve anything they want. Women are already making a statement in Congress; the next step is the presidency.


6. If She Was ‘Asking For It,’ Why Don’t You?

In the times of the Me Too movement and the recent events with the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, it has become shockingly apparent how toxic the rape culture is in America. Consent is so important, but too often forgotten. This poster reflects the hypocrisy in the statement that victims were asking for it.


7. Toxic Masculinity

Just after the release of the Gillette commercial, toxic masculinity has come to the forefront of conversations. One aspect of feminism that often gets overlooked is that it’s about gender equality as a whole, which means it’s fighting against the toxic gender roles imposed on men as well.


8. Your Feminism Isn’t Feminism Unless It’s Intersectional

An important message of this year’s Women’s Marches across the country is the importance of intersectionality. White feminism has become the mainstream form of feminism, and it’s important to fight for all women, whether they be women of color, transgender women, or native women.


9. thank u, next

Ariana Grande has released many bops in the past year. There were so many posters referencing her songs, such as God is a Woman and thank u, next. This poster is saying thank u, next to the men in power perpetuating the inequality in the country. It welcomes the new wave of politicians such as Ayanna Pressley, Elizabeth Warren, and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez who fight for equality and human rights.


10. We’re Still Here

We’re still here. This is a simple sentence, but with a very powerful message. Two years after the original Women’s March, people gather again to fight for equality. People aren’t settling for the status quo. People are still fighting and will continue to fight. We’re still here and we’ll stay here.


Many of these posters have a really essential message. It’s important to see the inequality in the world and take action against it. One of the first steps is to attend marches like this or simply to spread the messages from these posters.


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