Yoga Poses to Add to Your Bryn Mawr Routine


Yoga is a great exercise program to add into your routine. Whether you do it daily, a few times a week, or just once a week, it’s a great way to move around and destress. These are just a few poses you can add to your routine to get all the benefits of yoga!


  1. Tree Pose

In order to do this pose, place one foot on the ankle, calf, or thigh of the other leg. All your weight will be on the leg with its foot on the floor, and your arms can be held straight out to the sky or placed in a prayer position in front of your heart. Hold for a few seconds, and then switch legs. This pose is great for balance and focusing your mind on one task.


2. Dancer Pose

This pose is done by standing on one leg, stretching your other leg out behind you. Then, reach your arms out behind you and grab the foot of the leg in the air, stretching outwards like a bow. Hold for a few seconds, then switch the leg you’re grabbing with your hands. Just like the tree pose, the dancer pose is great for balance and focus.


3. Warrior Pose

The warrior pose is done by placing one leg forward and the other behind you. Bend the leg in the front forward, and reach your arms out in front and behind you. Hold for a few seconds, then switch the leg you are bending in front. This pose is great for stretching out your legs and for feeling powerful!


4. Bow Pose

The bow pose is one of my personal favorite yoga poses. In order to do it, start by laying flat on your stomach. Stretch your arms out in front of you, then push up on them, holding your body up by your arms. Reach your calves and feet toward your head, and stretch your back and head back toward your feet. Your body should now look like a bow, hence the name of the pose! This pose is wonderful for stretching out your back and clearing your mind.


5. Side Stretch

This yoga pose is very simple, yet effective. Standing straight up, reach your arms up over your head and stretch your body to one side. Hold for a few seconds, then reach to the other side. This pose is great for stretching out your core, and your whole body overall!


Yoga is a great exercise, with many benefits. By just adding a few poses to your routine, you’ll be able to stretch, move around, and clear your mind. Happy yoga practicing, everyone!


All photos courtesy of Unsplash and Google Images.