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Writer’s Block? Read This Before Writing Your Next Article

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryn Mawr chapter.

Writing a new article for Her Campus can be hard when you’ve thought of nothing but schoolwork for weeks. I find that my worst writer’s block comes after periods of intense academic pressure, a pressure many students experience in the middle of the semester. If you’re feeling similarly and struggling to develop an article, give these tricks a try. 

Think about stories you and your friends are talking about.

Whether it’s a new piece of media or a recent news story, using your most frequent and most passionate topics of conversation can be a great starting place for your article. Not only is it likely that other people are feeling similarly energetic about the idea and will want to read your thoughts, but it is great fun to bounce article ideas off of your friends and develop your passions together. 

Choose topics you wish you could chat about with people.

Not everybody’s interests are similar, and Her Campus is a great way to explore your unique passions and make connections with new peers. Maybe you’re enjoying a niche course and have discovered a new favorite author, or perhaps you’re getting excited about your progress on a one-of-a-kind art project. One of my favorite things about writing for Her Campus is finding out about everything that excites my fellow writers. I also love sharing the random interests that have been silently occupying my mind. Thinking about your less popular interests may help create a whole new community of enthusiastic peers on campus!

Keep a note of ideas that excite you.

Like the previous two ideas have said, it’s much more fun to write an article when it’s something you’re excited about writing. I like to keep a note on my phone of article topics that strike me at random moments during the day, which allows me to continue to think about directions to take the article after I’ve solidified the subject in my mind and note. It will also help you stay on top of article deadlines if you incorporate brainstorming into your daily routine. After a certain point, you won’t need to worry about writer’s block because you’ll have such a wealth of ideas stored somewhere!

Reach out to someone for an interview. 

Consider an interview with someone you think the community would want to hear from – this is a great way to spice up your article planning. Maybe it’s an indie musician about to make it big or a famous Instagram influencer who has a story to share! Remember: the worst they can do is say “no” or not respond. Nevertheless, there are ample opportunities to create community outreach both around campus and through the internet, so make use of them by developing your interviewing skills.

Check campus.

What are the occasions everybody is excited about on campus? Sometimes you have to look no further than outside your window to find inspiration. Not only will this article generate buzz amongst Her Campus chapter members, but it will appeal to the broader campus community. Here, you can even practice other writer’s block tips: maybe you can reach out to The Bi-Co News or another organization on campus to see any upcoming events. It will help you build ties beyond your sphere of campus by introducing you to new people and activities!

Grace Curtin

Bryn Mawr '24

Grace is a political science major from Northern Virginia. When not studying, she enjoys bullet journaling, reading, and yoga. She can frequently be found cheering on the Philadelphia Flyers or yelling at the TV while watching "The Bachelor."