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Winter Wrapped: Best Sad Music for the Holidays

While music around the holidays tends to be joyous and uplifting, sometimes I prefer to listen to sad ballads late at night. Maybe it’s the sun going down earlier, the hot chocolate and extra blankets, but sad songs feel cozier than happy music. It fits the vibe better.

Also, with the second year of the pandemic coming to a close and the development of a new variant, sad music reflects the frustration with and fear of COVID-19. 

Here’s a list of songs to add to your sad music playlist to curl up and listen to this winter.

Warning: you may want a tissue box.

“All Too Well (ten minute version) (Taylor’s Version)” by Taylor Swift (The perfect length for study break walks.)

“Die For You” by The Weekend

“My Little Love” by Adele (Can we all appreciate how adorable her son is!?)

“Love is Pain” by FINNEAS

“London” by Wrabel 

“Good Stuff” by Griff

“Coney island (feat. The National)” by Taylor Swift (Yes, Taylor Swift is on this list twice.)

“The Greatest Gift” by Sufjan Stevens

Enough for you by Olivia Rodrigo

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