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What We’ll Miss About Bryn Mawr

Maria Bohan ‘21: I’m going to miss my friends and the dining hall food (yes, I just said that I’m going to miss dining hall food). I love the variety of food that the dining hall serves!! On the other hand, I’m not going to miss sharing a bathroom with twenty people.


Avery Matteo ‘22: I will miss so much about Bryn Mawr—especially my friends, the sense of purpose that comes with academics and the level of autonomy that I have while I am at school.


Titi Bekele ‘21: I won’t miss getting up early for my French class. But I will miss my classmates and learning interesting stuffs in my Psych classes.

Maria Bohan

Bryn Mawr '21

I'm a Bryn Mawr College junior who still gets excited about the little things in life. English major/Education minor.
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