What’s in my backpack?

It's officially back to school season, and I wanted to share what I bring around in my backpack. I carry around a lot of things just in case of any emergency! I Hope this gives some inspiration for your backpack essentials this year.

                                                                         Image courtesy of Jane at EducareLab

Water bottle

Always need to stay hydrated! Doctors recommend that we drink at least 8 cups of water a day and drinking a lot of water has awesome health benefits!



Whenever I am walking to class, studying in the library or going to the train station, I love to listen to music. So carrying around headphones is a must!


Hand sanitizer

We touch a lot of things during the day and don't always have the time to wash our hands. So I carry around hand-sanitizer just in case I feel the need to “wash” my hands.



Sometimes we have good ideas or need to quickly write reminders down but always don’t want or need a big piece of paper. Carrying around post-its would save a lot of time and paper while still helping you remember your thoughts!


Travel size deodorant

Especially in the summer when it's hot out and you're sweating but forgot to put on deodorant before, this will save your life. Or after a long day when your deodorant wears off. I hate when I feel like I smell like sweat and having one in my backpack really saves hot days.



Gum is such a lifesaver when you don't have time or forget to brush your teeth. Bad breath is a turn-off and gum can (temporarily) solve the problem.



There are some days where you just randomly get headaches, cramps, stomach pain or illness. Carrying around Advil will save your life and alleviate the pain! It’s always good to have just in case!