What to Bring to Bryn Mawr College

As a freshman in college, I thought I was overpacking when I first arrived on campus--and maybe I was! Either way, I realized I needed to go out and buy a few things that I totally didn’t consider before coming to Bryn Mawr.

  1. 1. Liquid Detergent

    This may seem a bit obvious, but I had originally brought detergent pods instead of liquid detergent. To me, they’re way easier to use! I didn’t realize until I got here that the pods tend to stick to the washer, which makes for a huge mess you have to clean up or else they stick to someone else’s clothes. Liquid detergent is the way to go!

  2. 2. Air Freshener

    This should have been at the top of my list of things to pack! Most dorms don’t allow for scented candles or anything you have to light due to fire hazards, but I’ve found that Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works or an essential oil diffuser work wonders on a room!

  3. 3. Clothes You Don't Mind Ruining

    There are a lot of reasons for this one. For me specifically, I work in the kitchen of one of our dining halls and I don’t want to wear a pair of jeans I like, because there is a chance of getting food on your clothes (which equals another load of laundry, which equals jeans that are a little more worn). Instead, I brought a pair of jeans I don’t wear much anymore and some sneakers that I don’t mind getting a little dirty. It also always helps to have clothes you can wear when it’s laundry day!

  4. 4. A Hand Towel

    This one is more specific to Bryn Mawr going green. There are no paper towels in the bathrooms, so bring your own washcloth or hand towel to use when you wash your hands.

  5. 5. Mugs and/or Tea

    Another Bryn Mawr tradition! Tea drinking is super popular here and I highly recommend bringing more than one mug and some teas to participate. I personally like to have a lot of tea to choose from depending on the time of day, but my current favorite is Trader Joe’s Red Refresher Herbal Tea!

Whether you're an incoming first year or senior, I hope this list helps you back for your year at Bryn Mawr!