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Upcoming Events in Philly

Sometimes we’re so caught up in work and classes that we forget to take some time off to explore the historic and cultural city of Philadelphia! Check out some events coming up in the next few weeks and start making plans to fill those weekends!

                                                                         Image courtesy of Unsplash

Philly Free Week (9/16-9/21)

Get free admission to Philly’s Magic Gardens this week!


Free Museum Day (9/22) 

Participating museums allow free entry to people with Museum Day tickets. One ticket per email address, and admission to 2 people per ticket. Spend your Saturday exploring some awesome museums in Philly!

                                                                          Image courtesy of Pixabay

Twilight in the Gardens (9/28)

Enjoy a night at Philly’s Magic Gardens listening to jazz music under the stars. They will also have an artist teaching attendees about drawing and printmaking. Bring your own booze, blanket and snacks! Tickets here.

                                                                         Image courtesy of Pixabay

Fountain Performances (9/6-10/27)

Illuminated water spectacles to different themes on different nights. Everything from Beatles to Disney themed nights. Get more info here.

                                                                         Image courtesy of Unsplash

Oktoberfest (10/5)

Beer fans and food lovers can get tickets here to enjoy authentic Oktoberfest food, decorations and stage performances!


Free Day at the Botanical Gardens (10/6)

Bartram’s garden is actually free every day of the year! However, tours and programs are only available from April-December. Did you know that Philly is America’s Garden capital?

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