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The Power of Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations should be your new best friend. I have become fond of affirmation bracelets over the years from companies like Mantra Band and Little Words Project. As a lover of reading and writing, I can say that I am a lover of the written word. Over the years, I have learned that mantras/positive affirmations have been the most productive modes of securing a positive mindset. I have a personal mantra and a Little Words Project bracelet that reminds me to always stay in tune with my creative self no matter what space my body is in. It is a daily reminder that fuels my creativity, a quality I simply cannot live without. 

I recently decided to take this interest one step further and download an app called Mantra, which sends you daily positive affirmations throughout your day, scheduled by you. You can choose how many daytime and bedtime affirmations you would like to receive via notification. There is satisfaction in repetition. In regards to Mantra, an affirmation appearing on your device’s screen at specific times of the day can be the most pleasant surprise. It allows you to pause during your busy day and reflect on a few simple words. It provides me with not only a cognitive re-set but alters your perspective on your day (or the task at hand).

Trust me, I see how this can sound cheesy, but I promise you it’s not. You may be thinking, “how are a few words going to restructure my day or my mindset?” I urge you to try an affirmation app or choose a personal mantra that sports you in dress or decoration, or one that is simply stored in your mind. We all need consistency in our lives, and it is difficult to have it when your schedule varies on a day-to-day basis on campus. There is something beautiful in confiding in the written word to find a sense of calm and affirm a positive mindset.

Ava Cappitelli

Bryn Mawr '24

Hi, my name is Ava! I am a sophomore at BMC studying Art History and English. I am interested in lifestyle photography & design.
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