Stylin with Eyeliner

So it's the week after Spring Break and all of us are wishing the Time Turner from Harry Potter or the watch from Clockstoppers actually existed to relive the glorious past week. Getting back into the swing of things is extremely difficult, especially when all we want is sleep. Gone are the days of spending time in the morning putting in effort for our daily looks, but, thanks to Milani and Her Campus, our lives just got slightly better. We were sent a wonderful package filled with goodies from Her Campus corporate, and boy were we happy with what was inside: a fabulous Victoria's Secret tote bag, coupons for study abroad, AZO gummies, hand sanitizer, Vera Bradley mini wallets, Milani Eyeliner and more. 

Personally, the eyeliner could not have come at a better time because my colored ones were almost done and my daily black one was definitely done. As an added bonus, I had been dying to try these particular eyeliners as well after success from trying their matte lipsticks and other products over winter break. So, the conundrum of sleeping in later but still looking fabulous was solved thanks to Milani.

I have been using colored eyeliners for years and had been struggling to find a new and exciting way to use them, but the colors we were given were inspiring. Purple, Blue, Teal, and Black are great for my particular eye color (blue/green), and they also go well with each other. This week, I tried using the black as a very thin base for the edges of my eyelids and extended that for the classic retro look. Then, each day, I added a different color, or color combination, on top of that black line, thus providing the definition to highlight my eyes and a fun surprise. Each day, I got compliments from both people I knew well and complete strangers. My favorite part is that it actually lasts the entire day without too much smudging or bleeding--and that is saying something considering it has been raining and extremely humid here in Bryn Mawr! When we posted the eyeliners for sale on our For Free or For Sale page, one person even commented in support its fabulous longwear too.

So, if you too want some eyeliner, check out the Sale page or hit us up on any of our social media platforms: @hcbrynmawr (Twitter and Instagram) or Her Campus Bryn Mawr on Facebook! We have some other goodies as well!