Small Businesses Run By Artists You’ll Love

  1. 1. Hannah Good Art

    Hannah Good is an ambitious, smile-inducing content creator from Kentucky.  Some of you may recognize her drawing style and monthly reminders, which once were––and presumably continue to be––wildly popular on Tumblr.  Best of all, Good creates art that is thoughtful and inclusive.  Her work and captions are a testament to how strongly the love in her life influences her art––something that feels tangible with every post.  Follow Hannah on Instagram at @hannahgoodart, with items available for sale here.

  2. 2. Lines and Letters Art

    Looking for a gift to give to a college friend or roommate who celebrates the place you call home?  I recently discovered the work of a talented Haverford student named Sarah Jesup who brings adorable Bryn Mawr and Haverford-related merchandise to the forefront, along with a host of other products.  Check out Jesup’s website, which has links to her Etsy and RedBubble pages.  Her Instagram can be found at @linesandlettersart.

  3. 3. Odd Little Me

    Another favorite is a Mo Herbe, a nineteen-year-old creative from Cincinnati.  Her comics are eccentric and one-of-a-kind, with the pendulum of her content swinging from relatable, comical scenes to tender reassurances that showcase the power of vulnerability and honesty.  Herbe’s Instagram is; on her website, you'll find bags, stickers, and clothing for sale.

  4. 4. Meredith Playground

    Meredith Park is a Canadian cartoonist whose emotive capacity, use of color and mature, emotional approach to storytelling makes my jaw drop.  She tackles a multitude of subjects in the comics she shares, from mental health struggles to more mundane, daily occurrences. Regardless of the content that Park decides to put out into the world, it all has a therapeutic, meditative and grounding nature that cements my position as a lifelong fan.  Her Instagram is @meredithplayground; stickers and prints are typically available for purchase here.