Skincare Saviors for the New Semester

Welcome back from winter break!  Last semester was one of the most stressful yet, and I definitely appreciated having a few weeks to rest, recover and rejuvenate.  Since the start of finals period last month, I’ve been using these products to nourish my skin in preparation for a brand new semester.  Dr. Dennis Gross recently launched their B3Adaptive SuperFoods line, which “combat[s] the five signs of stress-induced aging with B3Adaptive SuperFoods Complex, powered by microencapsulated niacinamide, superfoods and adaptogens.”  Stress has always affected my skin, so I really wanted to put these products to the test and see how they impacted my skin during one of the most stressful times of the year.  Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. This face cream is packed with microencapsulated nutrients such as avocado, kiwi, cordyceps mushroom and kakadu plum to increase your skin’s resilience to stress and prevent redness, dry patches and dullness.  It also includes advanced formulation technology which helps improve the moisture barrier of your skin, leaving it stronger, healthier and more hydrated than before. Within just a few days of using this, I noticed a significant improvement in the hydration of my skin (which tends to be lacking during the winter months).  I really enjoy using this before bed to help my skin recover after a long day and to allow all the nutrients to soak into my skin overnight.

  2. One of the most tell-tale signs of lack of sleep is dark, puffy under eye circles.  With niacinamide, rhodiola and coffee arabica, this eye cream depuffs and diminishes the appearance of dark circles, making those tell-tale signs of restless nights virtually undetectable.  I use my ring finger to gently pat this around my eyes after my face cream in the evening and wake up with a smoother, brighter under eye area! 

  3. Finally, this serum was, by far, my favorite product of the line!  Packed with superfoods and adaptogens, this smooth, anti-stress serum was formulated to “boost absorption of vital nutrients and help correct and prevent visible signs of redness, flareups and compromised skin.”  It contains potent maitake mushroom, maca root, cacao, ashwagandha and goji berry and has the most calming scent of any other skincare product I own. I love putting this on right before bed and after drinking a warm cup of chamomile tea.  I apply this directly onto clean, dry skin and follow with the face and eye cream.

I’ve really enjoyed using these products for the last few weeks and look forward to continuing to use them throughout the semester.  If you’re looking for new skincare purchases to add to your routine, I highly recommend checking out Dr. Dennis Gross’ B3Adaptive SuperFoods line; these should especially come in handy during the busiest times of the semester, so be sure to apply them liberally during midterms and finals!