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There are a lot of holidays (or regular days we give holiday status to) that Americans celebrate–New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, Superbowl–but here on campus, we really get into the Irish spirit for St. Patrick’s Day. 

At least one class year, the green class, has it easy since they wear their color proudly on a regular basis, but other students really get into the swing of things, adding orange or white to their ensembles that day. Shamrock necklaces, cool hats, and more can be seen across the Mawr. One Haverford student taking classes here even had a full shamrock suit! 

Even better, the dance team Rince na Mawr, an Irish Stepdancing club on campus, put on their annual show to celebrate the holiday! They never disappoint; novices to experienced steppers take the stage and make the rest of us think “wow, how do they do that?” with their 4+ minute pieces of non-stop jumping and intricate footwork. And, they make it seem so easy that you just want to get up on stage with them, until you remember that might not end well. They also give lessons sometimes after their shows, spreading the culture to fellow Mawrters. 

Also a tradition, the Rockefeller dorm hosts the annual “Rock St. Patty’s” party. One of the three big parties on campus, the campus gets hoppin that night.

The school even recognizes the holiday too–they have been serving a multitude of different potato options for years. Everything from the Smileys french fries of childhood to curly fries can be seen in Erdman. Personally, I would take corned beef over those various potatoes, but this year they snuck it into a Reuben sandwich the day before, so that was nice. 

Overall, St. Patrick’s day at Bryn Mawr is a great way to have fun right after the realization that Spring Break is over and midterms are a thing. Erin go Bragh!

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