Paper Planners for the Perfect Spring Semester

A paper planner is the go-to medium for efficient organization of your week. I found myself missing the comfort of a colorful planner to decorate when I resorted to using the Stickies application on my Mac desktop.

I always find it fun to search for a planner when a new academic year or semester approaches. Styles vary, as some are organized by week while others have full month calendars and to-do lists.

I've picked a few planners that should be helpful and fun to look at on your desk when you're studying or relaxing.

  1. Found here on their website, Lily Pulitzer makes medium and large-sized agendas for the 2020-2021 term. I have used her agendas almost every school year. I love them because they are filled with beautiful Palm Beach-style prints and have stickers at the front of the book. You feel like you’re on a tropical vacation when flipping through the pages.

  2. Easy to buy on Amazon, this planner brings weekly wellness to a new level. With daily questions on the pages such as what are you grateful for today? and a section for a morning and evening review of your day, you’re sure to find relaxation and a sense of relief in your day. One also can’t help loving the panda on the cover!

  3. Looking for a customizable planner? This Papier colorblock design planner allows for customization of the cover with any text. This is a great gift idea for a friend or loved one because you can put a personalized message on it. It comes in multiple color combinations, and the weekly planning section has plenty of page room for daily tasks.