Our Favorite Spring Spots on Campus

Spring is in full swing at Bryn Mawr, so there's no better time to share our favorite spring spots on campus. Let's hear what our writers and friends on campus had to say!


ANONYMOUS: I love the cloisters in the springtime; it’s sunny and perfect. I feel like I’m in an castle.


Maria Bohan ‘21: The walk behind Wyndham to the train station is one of the prettiest on campus. The geometric wildflower field is really fun to look at. Also, you don’t usually see anyone on the path, so you’re able to pretend you have the beautiful fields to yourself.

Cindy Ji, ‘21: The weeping willow tree behind Brecon is such a pretty spot.


Christine Huang, ‘20: Merion Green - I associate it with May Day, which I think is Bryn Mawr’s best tradition.