An Open Letter to Spring

Although I’ve lived on the east coast my entire life, I’ve only finally realized how tired I am of the cold. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter. But, only until the end of December. After that, I’m so tired.

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Spring has always been a season that I have overlooked, but now I realize how wonderful it is. Feeling warm, clean air for the first time in months is like being born again. I miss the green everywhere. The dark brown branches weigh heavily on my heart, but the small patches of bright green grass and bright purple flowers pushing through the frozen ground make it bearable.

What’s the worst about this cold period of time are the abnormally warm days that trick my brain into thinking that warmer weather is here to stay. That this is the norm, only to have it taken away in a moment. It makes me long for bright blue skies, a brisk breeze and the wonderful shade of a full tree.

So spring, please come soon. Life is getting harder without you and I need you now more than ever. I long to feel the warm kiss of the sun on my skin once again, and look forward to your return.

Yours always,