The Only Bryn Mawr Stickers You’ll Need This Year

A desk filled with dangerously unbalanced stacks of textbooks, readings, and problem sets can only mean one thing—the fall semester is upon us here at Bryn Mawr. Looking for something to make the beginning of the semester better? How about the best Bryn Mawr stickers that money can buy?

Let’s start simple with this lovely recreation of the BMC logo. (mawrartplease)


Another classic is this sticker featuring the college motto.  (Goose of Bryn Mawr College)


This wouldn’t be a complete list without a lizard sticker. (sarahekj)


I just think this owl is super cute—and it’s a nice change from the owl-in-lantern image that’s everywhere. (sarahekj)


Let’s finish out this list with an Athena sticker (then maybe she’ll help us out this semester). (kilobyte)


If you end up decorating your water bottle, planner, notebook, or anything in between with these stickers, send a picture to us on our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook! We would love to see them.