Non-Festive Recipe Alternatives for the Festive Season

Not feeling ham this holiday season? Couldn’t care less about cranberries? Check out this list of alternative Christmas food you and your family can enjoy this December!


Really. Some people might think it’s not as special as a homemade feast, but it can pretty darn good (and expensive) if you choose the right place and/or order all the right things. I would personally recommend Vietnamese. It’s a great combination of spicy, sweet and salty that could potentially become a Christmas dinner staple!


Forget protein. Forget balanced food groups. If you’re anything like me, carbs are king. If you don’t think you’ll need a hearty meat course this Christmas, go for a hearty saucy (or not saucy) dish of your favorite rigatoni or whatever pasta you please.

Breakfast for Dinner

If you’re in the mood for something on the sweeter side, why not whip up some pancakes instead of potatoes? Breakfast for dinner can definitely hit the spot if you’re in the mood. The only thing: don’t have too much coffee, you’ll want to sleep so that you can wake up early to open gifts.


Trade turkey for tilapia (or whatever you please). Put a twist on traditional Christmas dinner by serving up some tasty seafood! Everyone loves shrimp, and you’ll still feel satisfied after the protein-laden meal.