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Hey there, current Mawrtyrs!

As I’m sure you’re aware, spring is here! Hopefully your classes are going smoothly and you’re enjoying the nice, warm weather. I’m also sure you’ve noticed that there are a lot of strange people wandering the campus- people you’ve never seen before. Where did they come from? What do they want?


Look out! Here come the newbies.


Yes, those shining, bright, young faces you’re seeing clustered on large tours or walking around with their parents, are admitted students looking at our beautiful campus. It’s that time of the year when high schoolers start touring schools, especially ones they’ve been highly considering or said yes to. In addition, there are a lot of students who will be attending special admitted student days or sleeping over on campus. So, I just have a few words to say about interacting with these fresh faces.


1.     Whether you like it or not, you work for the Admissions office. As a current student, it’s your job to make it seem like you’re enjoying your time here at least a little bit. When you see students and parents walking around… smile! Make them feel as though this is a friendly community (mostly because it is one). And if they look a little lost, ask them if you can help.


2.     Remember that you were once in their position. (For some of us, that wasn’t too long ago.) Likely, they feel a little intimidated by being around such cool college people who are already in “the best four years of their lives”. Don’t scare them off with real-life horror stories of campus gossip and academic troubles. Be real, but not too real. They’ll learn for themselves once they get here. Also remember that you’re the people they want to make connections with here; the current student community is the deciding factor in their college-acceptance process – you could make it or break it.


3.     If your friend or just someone in your hall is hosting a student for an overnight, help out! Honestly, staying overnight at a strange place (especially when you don’t know absolutely anyone in the vicinity) can still be kind of scary, even at 17 or 18 years old. Again, this is all about making the student feel welcome and comfortable on campus. Plus, the host might need a break from the never-ending list of questions! You might aslso be able to answer some of their specific questions if you have common interests (which you’ll never know unless you ask!)


So this is just a little reminder that you were in their shoes not too long ago (though it might feel like ages).



And a sneak peek into some of the articles in the coming weeks: there will be tips on preparing for college and acclimating to college life. So if you know any rising college freshmen, give them the heads up to be on the lookout for more Her Campus articles! 

Yours truly,

     Sasha Bauer



Just a girl who somehow has her whole life planned and still feels out of control!
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