Meet Victoria Tamura, She’s the First*{Bryn Mawr} President

One of my responsibilities this past summer was to relaunch the Her Campus chapter at Bryn Mawr; at the same time, my friend Victoria was working on relaunching the She’s the First chapter at Bryn Mawr. Since we were both in the same boat, we kept each other accountable throughout the summer to ensure the success of our relaunches. Which is why I got really excited when I saw a collaboration between Her Campus and She’s the First for the HCXO shop. Today Victoria is here to tell us more about She’s the First*{Bryn Mawr} and how you could get involved too!

Photo courtesy of Victoria Tamura

Pronouns: She/Her

Major: Biology, Pre-dental

Class: 2018

What’s something people should know about you?

I’ve recently become a plant mom and I couldn’t be happier! That being said, don’t be surprised if you see me changing their dirt outside Merion…

What’s something people should know about you? -answered by a friend

She's exceptionally artsy and genuinely passionate about dentistry. When she talks about teeth and her day at the clinic, her eyes literally light up and you can tell how much she loves her work. -A.O.

She has a deep love for peaches. -G.J.

Why did you choose Bryn Mawr, and why did you choose to stay?

I came to Bryn Mawr for its sciences and close-knit community, as I assume a lot of Mawrters also did. Being from Guam, I didn’t have a chance for any campus visits, so I just sort of took a gamble and came to the beautiful, flower-covered campus I saw on a college postcard. It would be too much to list all the different factors that kept me here, but I’d say the core of it all was the friends that I made. If there’s anything I’ve learned as an undergrad, it’s that no matter what environment you’re thrown into, it’s the people you meet and befriend who help you thrive and gain worthwhile experiences.

What’s your favorite memory from your time at Bryn Mawr?

I love surprises. Maybe not receiving them, but definitely giving. One of my favorite memories is when my friends and I decided to throw a surprise birthday party for someone on our hall. There was a lot of silly string involved... I still have a photo of my beloved friend covered in neon string as I towered over her with my empty spray can. Glorious.

What activities are you involved with on campus? Off campus?

I’m President of She’s the First*{Bryn Mawr}, the campus chapter of an international organization dedicated to supporting women’s education and equality.

I’m also Co-President of Choom Boom, a wonderful hub of KPOP, body positivity and a variety of choreography suited for any skill level of dance. We’re a non-audition Bi-Co group that provides a lot of performance opportunities throughout the year across both campuses.

Lastly, I’m co-leading the Pre-dental HIP for anyone interested in learning about dentistry and how to progress towards dental school. If you love teeth and oral hygiene like I do, please reach out! I’d love to be in contact for any helpful events and resources.

Her Campus had a collaboration with She’s the First on some merch in the HCXO Shop. I’d love to hear more about She’s the First!

She's the First*{Bryn Mawr} is a fundraising club working to provide for our scholar, Maira, who is on the path to graduate high school. She’s one of many bright young women being academically acknowledged by the She’s the First organization, who equips these women with the resources for future success. The organization spans over 11 different countries globally with local chapters all throughout the US. It only takes a bit of time, motivation and creativity to make an impact, and She's the First does that through campus bake sales, local collaborative events and open discussions as we work to improve the life and education of young women around the world.

How did you first get involved with She’s the First?

I saw the OG e-board tabling at Fall Frolic with a huge neon poster of "firsts." People were writing down things that they were the first in their families to do, which is a huge concept for this club since our sponsees are usually the first in their families to finish school, go to college, etc. Being the first in my family to leave home and go to school in the States, the idea stuck with me. I couldn't pass up the first meeting, and since then I've always been with She's the First.

What’s your favorite way to relax? / What’s your favorite method of self-care?

I try to get out every so often to go to Philly or even Bryn Mawr town for some good food with good company. My favorite part of any excursion is definitely the prep before it. Playing with styles and getting dressed up are my favorite methods of self-care.

What are you most excited about for senior year?

There are a lot of restaurants and fun places in Philly that I have yet to go to. Concerts too! I really want to make the most out of living near Philadelphia.

What’s on your senior year bucket list?

Winning one of those special event raffles. I want that LILAC/Bryn Mawr swag.

For anyone visiting Bryn Mawr or Philly for the first time, what recommendations do you have for them?

I spent a lot of time around the Gayborhood this summer because of work and it’s quickly become one of my favorite foodie areas. I highly recommend Barbuzzo on 13th St. If you sit at the bar, you might get lucky with the bartender offering you free dessert!

What are some things you’re up to and how can we support you?

Swing by the She’s the First table during our bake sales and help us help others! You can find us many Friday afternoons tabling bake sales at the Campus Center with delicious cupcakes that we bake together as a club, so please show your support! (Plus, someone needs to appreciate the beauty of our hand-frosted cupcakes.)

Thank you for your time Victoria!

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