Meet Rachel Cole, Erdman Assistant Student Manager

One of the many great things about Bryn Mawr is the students that you meet here. I met Rachel while working at Erdman Dining Hall, and we’ve remained close ever since my first shift there. For those who don’t know, all first-year students at Bryn Mawr doing work study must work in the dining hall as their form of employment, and although it’s a tough job, you meet so many wonderful people there.

Photo courtesy of Rachel Cole

Pronouns:  she/her

Major: Biology

Minor: Math

Class: 2019

What’s something people should know about you? -answered by a friend

Rachel works hard on any task that she’s given. I’ve never seen her give up doing anything, but she’s also ready to stop anything she’s doing when a friend is in need. She’s kind-hearted and has a great sense of style and an amazing sense of humor. Everyone should go and talk to her if given the chance!

Why did you choose Bryn Mawr, and why did you choose to stay?

I chose to come to Bryn Mawr both because the college’s approaches to recruitment felt very personal to me, and because of the unique traditions that are available here. I chose to stay because of the people who I’ve been blessed to meet here. I know a great number of incredibly talented, kind, passionate students and professors who have inspired me.

What’s your favorite memory from your time at Bryn Mawr?

My favorite memories from my time here so far have been late night discussions of controversial topics. These often happen in class, facilitated by professors dedicated in promoting a strong, intelligent and ardent student body, but just as often, they can occur on casual walks down the dorm halls.

What activities are you involved with on campus? Off campus?

On campus, I’m the Student Manager and a Supervisor at Erdman Dining Hall. I’m also a Hall Advisor in Brecon, as well as one of the Brecon Tradition’s Co-Head. Off campus, I attend Proclamation Presbyterian Church on Sunday mornings.

What made you choose to continue working at the dining hall?

I chose to continue working at the dining hall because of the incredible full-time and student staff that I get to work with every day. I’ve made many meaningful and lasting friendships on my shifts.

What are some of your favorite things about working at Erdman?

I love the fact that working in the dining hall exposes and introduces me to many different people who I might not otherwise have had a chance to meet on campus. I also love that I’m able to interact more closely with the full-time staff, who are simply amazing people that I look up to. Another fun thing about working as a supervisor in the dining hall is the ability to interact with the underclassmen (and maybe even get some buds in the bargain).

Anything else you want people to know about the dining halls?

I guess I would just like everyone to know how hard the students and staff work in the dining hall. It would be great if the student body would appreciate the workers as much as possible.

What’s your favorite way to relax?

My favorite way to relax is to listen to music and drink tea with my friends.

What do you look forward to the most this year?

I’m most looking forward to my junior May Day and being able to rush the senior steps at the end of the year.

Thank you for everything you do Rachel!