Meet Dilesha Tanna, Class of 2020 Co-President

“I love being busy, as crazy as that sounds,” said Dilesha Tanna. She’s served as class president since her sophomore year of high school.

Photo courtesy of Dilesha Tanna

Tanna’s workload definitely reflects her high-achieving mindset. She’s been an SGA class president since her freshman year, serves as publicity chair for Owl Investment Group and as Chief Financial Officer for Redefine Her Street, Bryn Mawr Chapter.

As a hobby, she loves to dance.

“Chances are, if I’m not studying, I’m dancing my heart away in the studio,” said Tanna. She’s a member of both a dance company, Courtyard Dancers, and Villanova’s competitive Bollywood Fusion dance team, Nova Nassa.

Tanna didn’t always feel very confident. She credits being a class president in high school for making her more self-assured. However, college posed some new challenges.

“I really didn’t think I would get the position with my co-president at that time,” said Tanna, who had been amazed by the other talented candidates and how qualified they were. She cites being class co-president as something that helped her adjust to college.

“I’ve really grown a lot and have been able to build my confidence, speaking skills and leadership abilities,” said Tanna.

She advises new students to do the same as she did.

“The advice I would give to freshmen running for class president is to not be afraid to put yourself out there. You might be surprised by what you can learn about yourself and how well you can tackle challenges,” said Tanna.