Meet the 7 Members of K-pop Group Super M

On October 4th when the clock struck midnight, South Korean entertainment company SM Entertainment released the long-awaited music video of their new group Super M. Since their debut, they’ve performed on Ellen, debuted number one on the Billboard 200 album charts and even set North American tour dates.

But who are they? At a press conference at Capitol Records, CEO Lee So Man said that this group would be called “The Avengers” of K-pop. Why the Avengers of K-pop you ask? Because unlike other groups in K-pop, every member in this group is in fact already a member of an existing SM Entertainment group.  Still confused? Well, let me start by explaining who each member is!

  1. 1. Baekhyun

    Age: 27

    Debut: 2011

    Baekhyun is the oldest member and the leader of Super M. He is more commonly known as the lead singer of the all-time, powerhouse boy group, Exo. Exo has gone on tour in the US, performed at the Winter Olympics, and even topped Forbes Korea’s Power Celebrity list for two years in a row! His voice is arguably one of the most powerful voices in SM Entertainment. Don’t believe me? Just listen to his solo song Un Village. I promise you’ll fall 100% in love with his crooning vocals.

    Songs featuring Baekhyun:

    Exo songs: Lucky, Monster, 365, Growl, El Dorado

    Solo song: Un Village

    Extra: Baekhyun hits this amazingly high note in the El Dorado by Exo!


  2. 2. Kai

    Age: 24

    Debut: 2011

    Kai is also a member of Exo along with Baekhyun. Kai is the main dancer and center of Exo. Before joining Exo, he studied ballet and jazz, which are quite different from Exo’s usual style. Not only is he a versatile dancer, but he’s also a successful model and actor. He's starred in two Korean Dramas and was the first Korean global ambassador for Gucci

    Songs featuring Kai:

    Exo Songs: Call Me Baby, Love Shot, Tempo

    Extra: Check out Kai’s solo dance at the Olympics in Pyeongchang!

  3. 3. Taemin

    Age: 26

    Debut: 2005

    Taemin is the lead vocalist of Super M. Although Baekhyun is the oldest, Taemin is the most experienced out of all six members. Many fans actually believed that Taemin should have been the leader of Super M due to his many years spent as a K-pop artist. Taemin debuted in 2008 as the youngest member of the group Shinee. Just to give you an idea of their fame, Obama mentioned them in the speech he gave at the 8th Asian Leadership Conference. Taemin has also had great success as a solo artist and is known for his electrifying dance moves and smooth vocals. Just watch his performance of his solo song, Move and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

    Songs featuring Taemin:

    SHINee: Replay, View, Good Evening

    Taemin Solo Songs: Move, Want

    Extra: Check out his live performance with Jimin from BTS!

  4. 4. Taeyong

    Age: 24

    Debut: 2016

    Taeyong is a rapper in Super M and the leader of NCT 127. NCT is SM Entertainment's newest boy group. NCT is a large group with four different subgroups: NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream and WayV. NCT 127 just finished their world tour and has performed on Good Morning America, The Late Late Show with the James Corden and the Global Citizen’s Festivals. Taeyong is known for his extreme duality. On stage, he’s a dominating showman you can’t take your eyes off of, but offstage he enjoys taking care of baby animals and plants. Taeyong is also a producer. He produced and wrote the lyrics for his recent single, Long Flight.

    Songs featuring Taeyong:

    NCT songs: Baby Don’t Stop, Whiplash, Cherry Bomb

    Taeyong Songs: Long Flight

    Extra: Check out this freestyle dance he did with some of his bandmates!

  5. 5. Mark

    Age: 20

    Debut: 2016

    Mark is the maknae, youngest member, and the main rapper of Super M. He’s also a member of NCT. Mark is Vancouver born and was cast to SM Global Audition there. He is one of two members in Super M, who are fluent in English. Mark has been in four groups before joining Super M: NCT Dream, NCT U, NCT 127. He’s known for his smooth flow, tight dance skills and most of all adorkable personality. He hasn’t come out with any solo work yet but is featured in Jason Derulo's Shut Up and Dance.

    Songs featuring Mark:

    NCT Songs: Regular (English version), Mad City, Good Thing

    Extra: Try watching this video of Mark struggling to play the flute. Start at 0:58!

  6. 6. Lucas

    Age: 20

    Debut: 2018

    Lucas is a rapper and the second-youngest member of Super M. Lucas is half Thai, half Chinese and was born and raised in Hong Kong, China. He is the center and rapper of the Chinese NCT subgroup, Way V. He was also a part of NCT U with Mark and Taeyong. Not only is Lucas is known for his good looks, physique and height, he’s also known for his extremely outgoing personality. Recently, Lucas was on the Chinese variety show Keep Running.

    Songs featuring Lucas:

    NCT songs: Take Off, MoonWalk, Love Talk, Regular (Mandarin Version)

    Extra: Check out this video of Lucas talking about how he got into SM on a variety show!

  7. 7. Ten

    Age: 23

    Debut: 2016

    Ten is the main dancer of Super M. He was born in Bangkok but is ethnically Chinese. Ten speaks four languages: English, Thai, Mandarin and Korean. In 2010, he won a contest called Teen Superstar. Ten auditioned for SM Entertainment where he came first in the audition process. He is currently the center and main dancer of WayV. Ten was also a part of the first NCT U song, 7th Sense and released a solo track “Dream in a Dream.”

    Songs featuring Ten:

    NCT: Take off, Moonwalk, Love Talk, 7th Sense, Baby Don’t Stop, Black on Black

    Solo Songs: Dream in a Dream, New Heroes

    Extra: Check out Ten’s dance cover of Lovely by Billie Eilish and Khalid. with his bandmate, WinWin! Khalid himself retweeted their performance!

Hopefully, after this article, you have a better idea about Super M and the concept of the group. Make sure to support their new song Jopping and stan their individual groups! If you still can’t get enough of them, check out their official Instagram for more information about their tour dates near you!