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Traditional Breakfast

On May Day, students wake up for a traditional breakfast of strawberries and cream. Whenever I’m looking for a light, fresh, and easy dessert this is my go-to order, so I was pleased to learn this is a traditional treat. Set your alarms, because you do not want to miss this!

Here’s a fun idea to liven your morning picnic or brunch: bring champagne flutes to transfer your treats into for a truly special occasion!

Flower Crowns and Dress

The staple dress for May Day is a white dress and a flower crown. Here is a site that gives a tutorial on how to make a DIY flower crown. If your white dress, romper, jumpsuit or anything in between has any color accents on it, try to pair your flowers in this color. This year’s May Day theme is Ancient Greece, so try to master that braided updo. Some tips and tricks can be found here.

Most importantly… An in-person celebration of the BMC community!

This year has been difficult and as finals approach, I can’t wait to have a day where we have one last opportunity to take in the campus scenery and the people before heading home for summer. Yes, we had to wait a long time, but the wait will be worth it! Try to relax, enjoy some sunshine (hopefully), and dance your heart away on the May Pole with your class!

Ava Cappitelli

Bryn Mawr '24

Hi, my name is Ava! I am a sophomore at BMC studying Art History and English. I am interested in lifestyle photography & design.
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