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As time passes, it seems as if work just keeps piling on with little to no room for relaxation. However, it’s so hard to keep yourself motivated when lacking sleep (especially after an all-nighter)! Thankfully, there are plenty of productive and fun ways to motivate yourself again. What’s even better is that most of these tips are easy yet enjoyable!

1. Take a true break and step away.

When you’re experiencing burnout, the first thing you need to do is step away from your school work because if you continue to work, you will become sluggish and unproductive. Take a few moments to change scenery, clear your head, and breathe deeply (such simple pleasures in life!). 

2. Walk around outside.

Walking around and changing the scenery can clear your head and help you to concentrate later on in the day. Some of the best areas to walk include Bryn Mawr’s campus or Lancaster Avenue. 

3. Cook something comforting and delicious.

Sometimes the best way to get more energy is to fuel the stomach, especially something easy and comforting! I would suggest avoiding fast food or new, intricate recipes since they can cause stomach aches (yikes!) and difficulties in the kitchen. 

4. Spend time with friends.

Who doesn’t love a good time with friends! Eating, chatting, and relaxing with your friends can help alleviate any worries you have about schoolwork and what’s great is that they understand your struggles!

5. PRactice YOga.

Yoga is not only a great workout, but also a great way to relieve any stress. Some of the yoga moves I recommend are child’s pose, warrior, and gate pose. Make sure do not overstretch or wear yourself out as it will not help motivate you later in the day!

Kate Southerland

Bryn Mawr '20

Kate is planning to be a Cities major at Bryn Mawr College. Along with that, she is an avid foodie and travel lover.
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