How to Deal with Homesickness this Fall

For many students, the start of the school year means moving away, forming new routines and meeting a lot of new people. This can easily become very overwhelming, and it's normal to feel homesick! Whether it's your family, your friends or even your pets back home that you miss, here are a few tips that I've found to help ease even the worst cases of homesickness!

                                                                        Image courtesy of Unsplash

Call Home Often

The most surefire way to ease the pain of missing your family or friends is to stay in close contact with them! Set aside some time every week to call or video-chat your loved ones. Of course, there are always texts and emails, but there's nothing better than hearing the voices of those you miss!


Plan Trips Home 

Traveling home isn't always as easy or affordable as we wish it were, especially when you don't live within driving distance of your hometown! But, if possible, plan a trip home during a long weekend or school break; not only does this give you something to look forward to while you're hard at work, but it also means you'll get a chance to catch up on all you missed at home while you were away. 


Fill Your Dorm with Photos and Memories

Personalize your dorm room with your favorite photos of your family, friends and pets. This way, you'll feel a little more at home whenever you walk in the door!


Make New Memories

While it's important to keep close with those you miss, don't forget to take advantage of all the opportunities you'll find at school! Talk to new people, go to school events and find new interests to share with your peers on campus; in no time, you'll find yourself surrounded by people you consider family!