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How to Celebrate Autumn While Social Distancing

It is officially autumn, which is my absolute favorite season! The cool weather and spooky vibes make it so spectacular! I usually celebrate the season by visiting pumpkin patches and going apple picking, but the pandemic has made doing so difficult, especially if you’re living on campus. 

Here are some ideas for those of you who love to celebrate the season with friends and family but still need to follow social distancing.

Cozy Picnics

Picnics are the perfect way to hang out with friends and enjoy the weather while still remaining six feet apart. Grab any warm blanket (if you want), some favorite fall foods like apple and pumpkin-flavored snacks, and some friends to chat and have fun this season.

Creative Photoshoots

Photoshoots are such a great idea for those who love fall fashion and want to make long-lasting memories with friends. Flannel season is back, so put on a nice warm outfit and take fun pictures to make the most of this season. The best photoshoot idea I’ve seen so far is the ghost photoshoot. All you need is a white sheet or blanket and a camera to create a permanent memory.

Movie Streaming

For friend groups that want to watch movies together in the comfort of their own dorms, Netflix and Disney+ have created streaming systems for you to watch movies with your friends and chat live at the same time. For Netflix, only one person has to have an account, but for Disney+ everyone needs an account.

There are amazing fall movies on both platforms. I recommend Silence of the Lambs, Goosebumps, and The Addams Family on Netflix and Nightmare Before Christmas, Casper, and Hocus Pocus on Disney+.

Themed Zoom Parties

Another way to hang out and celebrate the season with friends remotely is through Zoom. For the fall season, you can put on a costume or change your background to a specific theme to make the Zoom chat even more exciting. Zoom is also great if you want to have self-care Sundays with your friend group. Put on a face mask and nice seasonal music to enjoy the day remotely.

Arts and Crafts From Afar

Arts and crafts are a fun, creative way to hang out with friends by having conversations and doing autumn activities at the same time. You can do this outside in a picnic setting six feet apart or over Zoom. Painting pumpkins, making costumes, and redecorating your room for the season are some of my favorite crafts to celebrate this splendid season.

Kalyn Wiley

Bryn Mawr '23

I am a current sophomore at Bryn Mawr College. My interests include cooking, exploring, drinking coffee, and doing fun crafts.
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