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Here’s Where to Get the Most Comfortable Pair of Jeans

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryn Mawr chapter.

During this time, I think it’s really important to try and help small businesses as much as possible.  I’ve recently started purchasing more products from small businesses in an effort to help them stay afloat.  I’d been searching for a new pair of jeans for the past several months, and I figured: what better time than now to try and find quality jeans from a small business?  This is how I came across 1822 Denim. When I first looked on their website, I saw that they claimed to be “offering the consumer a premium level product at very affordable prices,” and this seemed especially appealing for college students.  I recently received their RE:Denim High Rise Ankle Skinny Jeans in Kirk and RE:Denim Double Button Ankle Skinny Jeans in Henry in the mail, and I’ve been testing them out for the last two weeks (while social distancing, of course). Here are my thoughts:

RE:Denim High Rise Ankle Skinny Jeans in Kirk

These jeans are a part of their RE:Denim collection “designed using sustainable fabric [and] made from recycled water bottles.”  I was a bit hesitant to try these on for the first time because I was unsure of how the material would feel. My previous experiences with clothing made from sustainable fabric haven’t been great; I found those clothes to be very scratchy, they lost their shape easily, and they lost their color after just a few washes.  To my pleasant surprise, however, my experience with these jeans have been the complete opposite. As soon as I tried them on, I was very impressed at how comfortable they felt and how well they fit! It’s rare for me to find a pair of jeans that fit well as a petite. These are described as a “high rise ankle skinny [and] a wardrobe staple [that] can easily be paired with any outfit.”  I’ve been pairing these with a simple t-shirt and white sneakers, and I especially love how flattering these are while not being too snug. These are the perfect pair of medium wash jeans to wear during the spring and summer months. 

RE:Denim Double Button Ankle Skinny Jeans in Henry

Also part of the RE:Denim collection, these jeans fit just as comfortably as the aforementioned ones.  These are described as a “double button skinny [with a] special seaming to give a slimming effect and flattering fit.”  These dark wash jeans are extremely versatile and can be worn year-round with a wide variety of tops and shoes. They can be dressed up with a pair of heels or dressed down with a pair of flats.  As far as fit is concerned, I found the length of these to be more flattering on me than the pair in Kirk. If you’re on the smaller side, I’d recommend trying these out first! I like pairing these with a trench coat, a light, neutral-colored t-shirt, and some flats.

Prior to trying 1822 Denim, I hadn’t found a pair of jeans that looked timeless, felt comfortable, and looked flattering all at the same time; these pieces check off all the boxes while also costing a very reasonable price.  Their RE:Denim jeans are listed between $39-$59, and their Butter jeans, which offer a slimmer and stretchier fit, are currently $10 off the normal price and listed between $25-$49. They also offer Butter Boxes, which include three pairs of their Butter jeans in your rise of choice, for $79!  Given the quality of these jeans, these are very reasonably priced and well worth it, in my opinion.

I know that it might seem silly to buy jeans during a time when you’re not supposed to leave the house, but I’ve actually liked wearing these indoors as well.  For me, getting dressed in outdoor clothing while working from home increases my productivity level. I’ve been trying to get into the habit of doing this on a daily basis, and these are certainly comfortable enough to wear indoors and outdoors.  If you’re interested in purchasing their jeans, you can use the code Cassie20 for 20% your order. 1822 Denim is currently donating money from each sale to No Kid Hungry, Meals on Wheels, and the Food Bank for NY, so your purchase not only helps them as a small business, but it also helps provide meals for those affected by the current pandemic.  I know I’ll be purchasing some more of their jeans very soon, and I hope you do the same as well. You can learn more about the company and their products here :)

Cassie DeVera

Bryn Mawr '21

Senior at Bryn Mawr College studying computer science and philosophy. Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus and Head Technology Portfolio Analyst of the Investment Club.