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Helen Hardiman

Name: Helen Hardiman

Hometown: Wayne, PA

Relationship Status: In a relationship with a lovely guy named Cody

Year: 2018

Major: English

Minor: Education

Halloween might be over, but sophomore Helen Hardiman doesn’t think so. She stands out always amidst the crowded cafeteria hall, with a fabulous new outfit to complement each day. I managed to speak to this enigmatic fashionista, who doesn’t mind what other people think of her manner of dress. She can change into anyone, anytime. Though she’s not the only cosplayer at school, she’s consistently proven to be the flashiest among her peers. Any aspiring model could learn a thing or two from this campus cutie. 

When did you first start cosplaying? I can’t really remember when I first cosplayed, maybe when I was 14 or 15. My first cosplay was Kim Possible. I guess because my friends were into that stuff, I did it too.

What were your most famous cosplays? Cody and I went to a convention dressed up as Duella Dent and the Joker from the Batman series. Then we went as Spike and Drew from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We also went as Wednesday Addams and Joel from the second Addams Family movie. I actually went as Wednesday for Halloween this year. 

How was your Halloween? It was great. I trick-or-treated with my cosplay buddies in my hall. We actually went to this extreme haunted house. The residents threw blood all over us as we entered. It was way scarier than that penitentiary in Philly. 

What conventions have you been to? I’ve been to a few anime cons over the past couple of years, including the Philly Zenkaikon. I prefer the Philly Comicon, though. 

Where do you get your costumes and make-up? I make most of my own clothes. I sew my shirts and skirts and collect lots of pretty bows. My room is actually a wasteland of male-up. I hoard all of it, my clothes and everything. 

How have people reacted to your style? The college is a generally accepting environment, though some people have said I dress the way I do for attention. That’s not true. I just find it funny and entertaining.

I am a Japanese-Australian English major at BMC, contributing poems to several school publications and an aspiring journalist. I've spent half of my life playing the cello and the other have writing essay after essay. 
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