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Fall Song Releases I Have on Repeat

  1. Star-Crossed, Kacey Musgraves

Spacey Kacey’s new album Star-Crossed is top on my repeat list. The album is downloaded in my music library and has been my go-to song list for this Fall season. The album was released with a feature film Star-Crossed: The Film. Cherry Blossom is my favorite song on the album, Breadwinner reeling in second, and the rest I all favor equally. The album has a wanderlust, sparkly, psychedelic appeal to it that is split into three acts: sadness, anger, then redemption (credit: Apple Music). The Instagram posts that were published the week of the album release were full of pastel, candy-colored accents to promote the music videos for Simple Times and Breadwinner. Following a history of success with Golden Hour (2018) and Pageant Material (2015), Spacey Kacey has done it again in Star-Crossed with her angel-like voice that has set her apart from other artists for years. 

  1. Feels Like, Gracie Abrams

Gracie Abrams new single Feels Like is as much of a success as her other songs that are my favorites, Stay, 21, and I Miss You, I’m Sorry. She has always been my go-to artist for listening to music before I go to bed: her songs are calming, heartfelt, and simply, amazing to zone out to. I found myself staring up at the clouds when I was sitting in the backseat of my friend’s car listening to this song. That sounds like it did not happen, but I promise you, it did. There is a certain fall-esc feeling to the song. Abrams sings: 


The train was cold, we left Connecticut

We stayed a couple hours

Our clothes matched enough to throw me off a bit”

Listening to it, I can picture myself sitting on a train, watching the leaves change. I think Euphoria Magazine wrote a really great review of the song, suggesting that the song, quite literally, feels like being in love and is a combination of Taylor Swift’s Folklore and Evermore with the soft hints of a voice like Billie Ellish. They describe the opening of the song as a lullaby that, I hear, pitter patters until the opening lyrics. 

  1. I Don’t Want to Talk, Wallows 

Most people know Wallows by their song Are You Bored Yet and actor Dylan Minnette who is part of the trio. Aside from listening to their fall anthem Drunk on Halloween, I Don’t Want to Talk is a new addition to this boy band’s line-up. The song has a fast beat and encapsulates a mood that many college students feel when they are stressed out: sometimes, we just don’t want to talk. The song incorporates a whistling-esc tune with a sharp drum component. It is a song where you want to start flipping your head backwards and forwards to. The group is going on a tour Tell Me When It’s Over Tour from Spring to Summer 2022. 

  1. Wildest Dreams, Taylor’s Version 

Taylor Swift surprised us all in September with a new version of Wildest Dreams from the album 1989 (2014). I remember watching the original music video when I was in middle school and watching Taylor Swift play a devious, romance-driven Hollywood movie-star alongside Scott Eastwood. There seems to be no debate around Bryn Mawr’s campus that Taylor’s new version is better. You will have to listen to hear for yourself! 

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