Echosmith Inside A Dream Tour, TLA Recap

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Echosmith performed at Theatre of the Living Arts (TLA) this past Friday, with openers Jena Rose and The Score, and we had the opportunity to check them out! What better way to finish the week and kick off the weekend?

First up was Jena Rose. She’s only 17 and already making music and going on tour--what are we doing with our lives?? She started her set with “Sweet Love”--if only the studio recording could capture the energy of the beat of the live performance! Another favorite was “Paper Walls.”

Next up was The Score. They were rockin’ and gave us some Foo Fighter vibes! Although I usually listen to mellow music, I think that rock bands are some of the most fun to see live--you can’t help but want to rock along! The first song of their set was “Who I Am,” which gave some “Take Me To Church” by Hozier vibes. Our favorites were “Higher” and “Miracle.”

And now for the main event: Echosmith! Siblings Sydney Sierota, Noah Sierota and Graham Sierota make up this indie pop band, with Sydney on lead vocals, Noah on bass and Graham on drums. You might know their hit song “Cool Kids.”

Starting with “18,” they made an epic entrance with dramatic percussion and shot off confetti, following it up with “Let’s Love.” Then came “Come Together,” the first song of their Talking Dreams album. Next was “Future Me,” which is one of our favorites; we love the message “Right now, I’m already who I want to be tomorrow.” They picked it up with “Lessons,” and then slowed it down with “Tell Her You Love Her,” encouraging us to hold onto the loved ones we came with or onto the strangers beside us--what better way to connect with different people than through music? They lifted it back up with “Bright,” and transitioned into a beautiful duet between Sydney and Noah singing a verse of “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” by Death Cab For Cutie. Floating on the calmer vibe, Sydney picked up the acoustic guitar for “Terminal.” Then it was time to liven up again. They rocked out to “Over My Head,” which came out March this year, “Hungry” and--one of our favorites--“Get Into My Car.” Riding on that high was “Talking Dreams,” the name after which they titled their album; they brought an audience member onto the stage for the song as well! Then they covered “When You Were Young” by The Killers, cheekily ending with “Goodbye,” complete with inflatable balls stuffed with confetti, before coming back to the stage to encore with “Cool Kids.” An Echosmith show wouldn’t be one without it!

Echosmith’s Inside A Dream tour goes until mid-May, and you can catch them in Atlanta, Nashville, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Tempe, San Diego, or Los Angeles.