Does Your Bra Need Resizing? No Problem!

Many people struggle to know if they’re actually wearing the right sized bra. They stick with the size they’re wearing just… because. They’re used to it. They don’t really think the pain is too bad. They don’t want to go and get a new bra. This article is for you women out there! Not sure if that’s you? Here are some things to look for to determine whether you need a new bra size:

Photo courtesy of Pixabay


The first sign that your bra is the wrong size is any kind of gapping in the cups. A cup should fit smooth against your breast, so if you can fit any fingers between the cup and your breast, it’s time for a new bra. Gapping usually means that you’ll need a smaller cup size, so that’s a good first step to try your sister size down! That would be a cup size down and a band size up (so a 34C would be a 36B).

Rising band

The second sign is if the band rises up your back. It should lay flat against your back and parallel to the underwire, so if it doesn’t, you’ll need a larger band size. Turn to your sister size again for a new fit.


This sign can mean many different things. Usually it’s that your band size is too small, so it’s hugging your chest too tight and leaving marks. Also, if your cup size is too small and leaves marks, then it’s time for a bigger one.

Loose Band

Any kind of loose band means that a smaller band size is necessary.

Those are the most common reasons why someone would need a new bra size. You can get fitted for a new bra size (for free!!) at any lingerie store near you. Just go there and ask! Remember never to get used to the discomfort; you deserve comfort and it’ll make you feel like a queen!