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College Packing List {Dorm Edition}

When I was getting prepped and pumped to come to college for the first time, I did research. I mean heavy-duty, all-nighter, binder-filling research of what to bring. I combed through probably close to a thousand lists from Pinterest and general Google searches to find “the ultimate list”. And unfortunately, I didn’t find one. So I created my own. I went back over those lists and typed up everything- making one giant list.  As I’m getting ready to pack up, I went over the list to figure out what I used, what I didn’t, and what I had to run out and buy because I didn’t bring it. I’ve used all of my research to help you guys out to create the Honest and True Ultimate College Dorm Packing List.


We’ll be going over all these different circles – there’s 8 in total.

First things first, let’s start in the “bedroom”.

So most of this is pretty simple and is common sense. I would say, especially if you’re living with a roommate, bringing a sleeping mask is really important. You may not have the same bedtime schedule as your roommate(s) or you may find it easier to take day-naps when you have a mask on.


Next, we’ll move on to the bathroom. This one is a really long list, so make sure to read it over carefully.


These two images kind of go hand-in-hand, considering in most homes, the first aid kit is kept in the bathroom. Remember that some things may not apply to you and some might. For example, there are some who choose not to use certain hair products or tools, some who choose not to shave, and some who choose not to use contraception. Please remember that this is a general list… not a list of must-haves. Make sure you’re bringing to college what you need. In general, I keep my bathroom items and first-aid items in my room – they’re less likely to get stolen or used by someone else than if I leave them in the bathroom without supervision.


Let’s move on to school supplies, after all, you are there to learn. Just because you will be provided with a desk in your room, doesn’t mean you always have to work there.

Again, this really depends on your style of learning. Some people like to use binders rather than folders and vice versa. It’s up to you – you know your study style better than anyone else. Also keep in mind, that college is different than high school and your style might change.

To go along with school supplies, there are some electronics to bring with you. While it is possible to go to college without a personal computer, it is somewhat inconvenient. Also, depending on your dorm room, you may not need an extension cord, but sometimes it’s handy if you’re working in a common space on campus.

Moving on… kitchen and cleaning:

Again, this is all dependent upon you. My mom and a close family friend pitched in to buy me a Kuerig coffeemaker as a gift, which I share with my roommate along with the mini fridge that she bought. It’s not necessary to have these items, but it’s useful. Some other things, like having cleaning supplies and my own sponges, just make me feel more sanitary. {I think the reason I got sick in the fall, was actually because I had been using the sponge in the tea pantry, which is shared by everyone on my floor.} And as a college student, you’ll definitely be doing your own laundry, so those items are must-haves in your room.

Speaking of your room… your room is your home. At least for the next couple of months. So why not make it your own?

These are obviously just a few ideas. But your room is where you live now, so make it feel like your home. It gives your dorm some personality, rather than feeling like you live in a boring, concrete world.

Finally, these are some miscellaneous items that I couldn’t fit into a particular category. Although, adhesive items probably apply more helping you put up decor.

Having some of the personal items (i.e. bank information, insurance information, etc) is super important to bring with you and keep track of! It’s definitely important information that makes you legit in the eyes of the government, but is dangerous in the wrong hands. Other things, like umbrellas and batteries are practical items to keep handy. Again, depending on what you own, you may not have checks, credit cards, or a driver’s license to bring with you. I know a lot of my friends from big cities don’t have a driver’s license because public transportation is so available. So keep in mind that everything depends on you and your needs, this is just a general list of things.


Current students, if you feel like something has been left off of the list, let us know!

Rising college freshman, I wish you the best of luck!

Just a girl who somehow has her whole life planned and still feels out of control!
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