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College Packing List {Closet Edition}

Hey guys, I’m back at it again with the prep advice. Last time, I created a list of things you might (and definitely) need for your dorm room, but I never mentioned clothes. That’s because I think it requires a little more explanation. There are some things that I didn’t think to bring to college until I did some research. So here goes:


Let’s work our way from the top down. Please remember while reading this article that it’s very subjective. Some of you may or may not wear certain items of clothing and a lot of it might depend on your style, whether you follow fashion trends, etc.


Okay, so starting at the top. Some of you may feel comfortable wearing bras, some of you might not, and some of you might not need bras altogether. For Bryn Mawr students, that’s very subjective but so is the weather. That’s why I included a variety of tops – because the weather is kind of all over the place. Also, you never know when you might get an interview for an internship, externship, or job, or even just a mock interview with the Career Development Office. A big tradition on campus is to wear white (usually a dress, but it doesn’t have to be) on May Day, so I included that as well.


Moving on… honestly, this is all pretty obvious, I know, but I’m definitely a list person and it’s always helped me. There are also tons of resources on the internet for college prep, so I figured why not join? So again, in the graphic above it’s all very much up to your style and what you feel comfortable wearing. And also again, I would still recommend bringing nice pants/skirts for interviews and campus jobs, as well as a pair or two of work pants in case you decide to work in the dining halls.


Last stop on the body is the feet. The weather is super variable in PA, so it’s good to have a variety of footwear. Rainboots and winter boots are a must and from there it depends on your style. A pair of nice flats (or heels, if you’re comfortable) for interviews might be a good idea. Also, if you like to go out and have some nightlife, you might also want to bring a pair or two of heels, but again that’s not entirely necessary.



I feel like most of this stuff is pretty obvious and all the description I need to add is just things I’ve already mentioned about your style and the weather, so I’m not really going to say anything further. The only thing I am going to mention is that be super careful with your jewelry – it’s super easy for that stuff to get lost on campus, especially if you go out to a party and forget you’re wearing it. So if you’re going to bring jewelry with you, make sure you have pictures of it before you go off to college. That way, if something gets lost, you can give a picture when you ask people to look out for it! (Also, as a better reference than your memory if you need/want to replace it if it’s never found.)


Anyway, I hope you all have a great rest of the year and I can’t wait to see all the familiar faces and the new faces on campus in the fall!

Just a girl who somehow has her whole life planned and still feels out of control!
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