Celebrating Women's History Month at Bryn Mawr



The month of March is Women’s History March. Celebrating the legacy and contributions of women is such an important endeavor, and this month was created in order to do so. It was first implemented in 1911, with the first ever International Women’s Day. On March 8th, the movement for women’s rights is celebrated with designated themes from the United Nations. For 2017, the theme was “Be Bold For Change”. Millions of women wore red, took the day off of monetary and domestic work, and refrained from spending money unless at a small business, all in order to cast attention on the economic gender gap and support women around the world.


Throughout the entirety of the month of March, women are celebrated. Numerous women are recognized for their contributions to their various fields. Activists, like Gloria Steinem, creator of the “second wave” feminism movement and Ms. magazine; writers, like Maya Angelou, Roxane Gay, and Sylvia Plath; political leaders, like former Secretary of State, former First Lady, and the only female winner of the popular vote for the President of the United State, Hillary Clinton, and Democratic Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren; musicians like Beyonce, Adele, and Ella Fitzgerald; and scientists, like the discoverer of the XY chromosome determining sex, Nettie Stevens (also a Bryn Mawr alum!), and a huge researcher of radioactivity, Marie Curie; all are recognized and celebrated for their legacy during Women’s History Month.


Along with celebrating the hard hitting contributions women have made to society, recognizing the women in our daily lives is also undertaken. We can all do so in minute ways; calling your mom, spending time with your female friends and family members, attending peaceful protests for women’s rights; all are crucial ways to celebrate Women’s History Month and be grateful for all feminism has done for women’s rights. This month, take the time to research the amazing women who have come before us, and realize that as women, we can do anything we set our minds to! Happy Women’s History Month!


Photos courtesy of Twitter.